No Pain No Gain

No Pain, No Gain is a very common expression we always hear from our friends and loved ones when they are giving us hope, motivation and to boost up our self-confidence when we face a difficult situation in our jobs, business or with personal relationships. 

Success in life will not come to us handy dandy, not unless you were born with a golden spoon. Without taking risks one will never achieve great success.

One must have the courage if she/he wants to succeed in his/her life endeavors. We cannot assure ourselves to be always on top, trials may come and bring us down. 

We must learn how to get-along with our associates, learn how to endure pain, solve conflicts, better judgment and wise decisions to achieve professional excellence.  No man is an island, we need other people to live, to share ideas, to take care, to love, to help us out in time of needs.

To dream big in my opinion is not an exaggeration of what you want to become or what you want to have.  But don’t just dream, make it real by giving out your best and exert effort to attain it.

Some of us easily loses hope when things go wrong and quits right away.  Bear in mind that if you quit you will not win, for as we track the path to success, problems arises, so expect the worst and be ready to face and solve it.  In this case we will be able to condition our heart and mind to whatever obstacles we will be facing. 

Work hard and be responsible in your decisions. There are greater value rewards for the price of hard and even painful work.


  1. I agree doesn't matter how hard or how painful the situation you are in..what matters is how you respond to every circumstances you are in :)

  2. nice post sis, but id rather not to expect worst but im ready to face the challenge..

  3. It's true but sometimes when things are really hard we can't help but to be down. nice post you have here. 

  4. this is very true...if we want to achieve something, we must work hard for it. minsan lang talaga nakakadepress pag everything is falling out of order :(

  5.  That's true; no pain, no gain. We all have to work our way out for our dreams. I think in every facets of our dream, we have to include prayers. Faith will lift us up again, if we fail.

  6. Wouldn't it be nice if the world knew no pain?  But I guess, it's the pain which makes us appreciate the good things in life.  After you've tasted the bitter, the sweet just tastes oh so wonderful!  You just have to take the good with the bad. 

  7. nice to see that we have almost the same blog name. mine is " joysnotepad" . Now we are too. It can be fun:)


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