Father’s Day Preparation

June 19, 2011 is the celebration of Father’s Day, which is only a few days away from this post.  My two sons and I were secretly brainstorming last night on how we will celebrate it and what to give to our beloved “Haligi ng Tahanan” (a Filipino idiom meaning Father).  This day is one of the most important occasions we celebrate.

Yahmir, my youngest son said that he would be making a personalized greeting card, he and his Kuya JM, my eldest son are good in drawing and artworks.  They also suggested that they will be printing a big banner to be placed in our bedroom to surprise their Dad.  JM is also thinking of buying a new mobile gadget as a gift. While I asked their suggestions on what special meal will I cook on this special day.

Ideas and suggestions were overflowing, which made us more excited and eagerly looking forward for the family celebration.  We intend to surprise my husband, so we will keep our preparations a secret.  Don’t worry, Noi is very busy nowadays that he seldom opens the computer, so he will not be able to read this hihi. 

A Father’s Day greeting card, a big banner, a new mobile gadget, then for our special meal -Beef Mechado and Carbonara or Fettucini Alfredo and a blueberry cheesecake (all are Noi’s favorite food). 

I am still thinking of how I will create a festive meal.  Maybe, I will set the table for a candle light dinner, and serve some wine. What do you think? 

What about you, do you already have plans on how to celebrate Father’s day? Any gift ideas to share?

Please feel free to comment on more suggestions. Your insights are very much appreciated!


  1. That's so sweet, and romantic din! Parang Valentine's with the candlelit dinner, hehe. How about a recorded video message from everyone? :) 

  2. I love my father Ms. Joy he has showed me all the best love that a father should give.My father is miles away so a simple phone call with lots of I love you from me and his two grandchildren will make him happy na po :)

    Happy fathers day po to your hubby and enjoy your bonding moments po :)

  3. Awwwsss...that's so sweet! i still don't have plans of celebrating Father's day. i still don't know what to do... as with regards to my father, i don't know where he is now. he left us kasi... anyways, i hope you'll have a wonderful celebration! thanks for dropping by mommy Joy! hope you're okay now too.

  4. I still have no idea what to get hubby and FIL for father's day.

  5. wow! we did not thought of that. thanks for the suggestion, we will record the video, but who's going to do it is the problem ahaha

  6. happy father's day too your Dad Sie and to your hubby too :)

  7. My hubby really deserves a treat, he works hard very much for us, a good father and a very good husband :)

    i am doing ok Pinx, thanks for the concern *hugs*

  8. ahihi, for sure you're gonna have a quick find, dami dyan pagpipilian :)

  9. haha iniisip ko pa nmn baka mabasa nya ung post mo eh di hindi na secret. katuwa nmn dinner by the candlelight would be great !! :D

  10. excited na nga kami mag iina sis lol


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