Uses of Console Tables

We usually use small tables around the house, often slender with curved legs resembling consoles which is designed to be set against a wall.

We put them in different parts of the house to fill large gaps or wide spaces. It does not only add style and interest. but also serves for functional purposes too.

A  metal console table has different uses.
  • It may be used as a housing for electronic instruments, as radio or television. 
  • Placing it in the foyer is perfect for setting down mail, keys, and other small items as you walk through the door.
  • It will also add beauty to your living room having multiple storage and drawers to keep dvds, magazines, etc.
  • A kitchen console table is best to keep kitchen things.
  • A book case console table is perfect to keep your kids’ school stuffs.

I saw this elegant bookcase console table which will best fit for my son’s room and a metal console table for our living room. I will ask my husband to buy these as soon as our budget permits.  They are worth buying aren't they?


  1. Hello Ms. Joy *waving hand*..opo and it is definitely worth buying.It is so nice and perfect for every living room :)

  2. Love the metal  console, beautiful and very intricate ung design, looks very elegant, pag malaki na  haus ko buy ako nyan.. lol..

  3. yan din ang sabi ni hubby sa akin ahaha

  4. I love the first one. Maarte kasi ang design. :-D

  5. I want a console table kaso d ko na alam san ilagay dito sa haus.hehehe. Our bulky sofa is occupying the living room. 

    BTW, followed you through GFC, Mommy Joy. Hope you could also follow blog Thanks in advance! 


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