Kids Never Run-Out Of Questions

Kids, especially toddlers are full of queries.  The stage of getting to know and curious about the things around them.  This is the phase where the foundation of knowledge and wisdom begins.

The most frequent questions they ask always starts with “Why” in Filipino “Eh Bakit?”  We, mothers are their first teacher so as much as possible we try to answer them truthfully and straight in a way that their little innocent minds will comprehend.

Never show them that you are annoyed of their unending questions.  If you are too tired to think for a good or best answer to his/her question, explain why you cannot answer him/her for the meantime. You may tell your child that would be your assignment and you will discuss it with him or her again later, while you divert his/her attention to play or do some writing.

My youngest son is already 11 years old, but still he never run out of questions.  It’s a good thing Mr. Google is always to the rescue ahaha. I can no longer answer his questions right away, I need to do some researching before I could come up with a correct answer to his querries about the greek and roman mythology. I bought him books to read on, yet still questions arise lol.

I am sharing with you some fun facts to share with your toddlers. I find these lines very educational for a small child.
  • You cannot stand on a cloud – you’d fall right through it.
  • If a dog has a wet nose, that’s a sign he’s healthy.
  • The buzzing sound a bee makes, comes from its flapping wings.
  • If a starfish loses a leg, it grows back.
  • The moon is round like a ball and its light came from the sun.
  • If you mix all your colors of paint together, you’d get dark brown.
  • With seahorses, the daddies get pregnant and have babies, not the mommies.


  1. hello Ms.Joy..lunch time hopping hahaha..same sentiments ms. Joy ako po isang 3 at 6 at ang kukulit po talaga..super daming questions..pag nasagot ang isa eh bkit ganun..wahhhhh..di na natapos hanggang ang huli..Hug na lang kita baby hahaha..kain po tayo ms. Joy :)

  2. ahaha, patience lang dear, mas maganda yun matanong na bata kesa tahimik hihi

  3. ay sinabi mo pa!! ahahhahah tumpak! wala n ko narinig kundi BKIT ngyun! :D

  4. you are so right mommy Joy, my four-year old never runs out of WHYs!! nauubusan ako ng mga sagot! hehehe...

  5. ako nga malalaki na mga anak ko lagi pa rin meron tanong na why? lol, congrats Pinx! ang cute cute naman ni baby Job :) palakas ka ha


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