My Dream Garden

I always dream of a beautiful garden with a gazebo and a sundial.  I want to live in a farm when I get old and have my garden personally landscaped and decorated with plants. 

Being a nature lover, I want to spend most of my leisure time bonding with nature.  Having a garden best fits my interest.  I am very enthusiastic to equip my garden with a decorative sundial, a device that measures time by the position of the Sun. It will be very interesting to use it to tell the time of the day instead of looking at my wristwatch.  I can always keep track of time even if all the clocks in the house run out of batteries.  

A garden sundial that I dream of!


  1. Now I miss my hometown.When I was still in college Ms.Joy my papa has a garden and we are one with nature.I was born in Baguio City and we have flowers on our vacant lot.That sun dial is a good idea po just like the old times :)

  2. wow flowers bloom beautifully in Baguio, especially Mums, ganda naman! 

  3. Gusto ko rin ng sariling garden... pag me house na kaming sarili kelangan me ganyan :)


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