Cleaning 101: The Bedroom

The most private part of the house is the bedroom.  It is also the quietest room where one can enjoy serenity and calm atmosphere. Just like any part of my house, I like it also clean and tidy.  I call it my chamber .

I usually do a general cleaning on a weekly basis, cleaning the electric fans, cleaning the air-conditioning unit’s filter and changing of bed sheets or bed covers, pillow cases and comforters.  It is best recommended to change bed sheets, comforters and pillow cases every 7 days, however during rainy season; I sometimes do it every two weeks. There is a very real psychology to gaining organizational skills that one gets as they earn their life experience degree.

Here is the procedure on how I do general cleaning on our bedrooms: 
  • Before I take out the bed covers, I remove first the cobwebs on the ceilings using a long broomstick.  Usually it will take a month or more before I could see webs again. 
  • Take out the bed sheets and pillow cases. After taking out the bed covers, I vacuum the whole mattress tossing around to eliminate the bed mites or commonly known as dust mites. This invisible insect cause allergies and sucks our blood while we are sleeping.  After vacuuming I spray a cleaning solution.  Our Allergologist taught me how to create a cleaning solution (one part water to five parts white vinegar into a spray bottle). I spray it thoroughly and just allow the mattress to air dry. I spray on the pillows too. But before I spray the solution I sweep the floor first and then I open the bedroom doors to allow natural air to come in.  Don’t worry as the solution dries, your bed will not smell of vinegar.  The solution will kill thousands of dust mites as tested and proven.   
  • While waiting for the mattresses to dry, I wipe the walls with water containing a little disinfectant solution.  I use Lysol or Domex.  
  • After the walls, I dust the bedroom furnitures and cabinets using a damp microfiber cloth. I do not hang curtains inside the bedroom to prevent the allergens to accumulate into it.  
  • Electric fans and the air-conditioning filter come next.  Air-conditioning filters should be washed with soap and water then dry it, wiping away the dirt on the air condition unit before I put it back.  I also make sure that our air-conditioning unit  is well maintained by having it serviced and cleaned twice a year.  
  • After dusting the furnitures and cabinets I mop the floor twice, in order for me not to get a broken bone, I do not toss the bed frame, I just use the mop to reach the farthest part under it.  
  • Because my family is asthmatic, we use hypoallergenic washable pillows and bed linen that I put on the mattress before the bed cover. 

Lastly, I put on fresh and crisp bedcovers and pillow cases. Comforters are very heavy when wet, so as the linens and bedcovers, so I just avail the laundry service for it. 

Job done!   What about a glass of ice cold tea or water to refresh.


  1. I can relate po Mommy Joy.hay it is really tiring to clean our house most specially with my kids running around hahaha...

    I made an award for you Mommy Joy..kindly check my site *hugs*

  2. wow! thanks Sie, I'll be visiting you now hihi

  3. I haven't cleaned my room in about a year, I think. LOL
    We have a helper who does the job way better than I do so I let her do the work. But, it sure does make me feel like not getting out of bed when everything's cleaned, especially when I've got new bed sheets and pillow cases. :)

  4. I do this too! But not every 7 days or every 2 weeks, they say I'm lazy, I'm not, I'm just busy.. :D I do it at least every 3 months.. :D I learned the water/vinegar solution from my grandma.. :D We have wall papers, so the most I can do it dust it.. :D

    I love the smell of freshly washed sheets and linens.. :D 
    We have a huge washing machine designed for washing comforters so I wash it myself.. :D

  5. Almost a month ago, my parents have decided to renovate our home. So, aside from our kitchen and living room, we have also disposed most of our old bedroom stuff such as: Beds (except the mattress), large PC tables, TV tables, old books and magazines, etc. Now, my room is very spacious.  I now enjoy cleaning it because there are less dust prone areas.

    I love to mop, btw. ^_^

  6. hay, para tuloy gusto kong makitulog dyan sa inyo. ehehe. visiting you today, sis. :)

  7. I do laundry service to the comforters too but everything else is handwashed. :D Great tips as usual, Joy. Oh ayan, lumabas na Top 10 ko... syempre kasali ka dyan. :D

  8. My children and I are also asthmatics. That's why we make it sure to always clean our bedroom weekly. We use vacuums to avoid inhaling too much dusts.

  9. same here, i enjoy lying in bed when the sheets are new and crisp hihi

  10. Hi Ane! thanks for visiting :) i have been thinking to buy a big washing machine for my sheets and comforters, sometimes i am not satisfied with how the laundry service does the washing.

  11. same here Santelmo, I love to mop too hihi

  12. thanks for the visit sis Rossel :)
    tara slumber party tayo hehe

  13. Dear Ms. Joy,

    May I request a post regarding house pests like: rats, mice, cockroaches, and ants. Also a post on Molds. I have molds on my favorite (but old) leather belt that keeps coming back. We now also have mold problem on our old car.

    Thanks ^_^

  14. It's really nice to clean the bedroom once in a while..:)


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