ECOTRADE Premier Eco-Friendly B2B Marketplace

Due to growing awareness of the Global warming, which effects (climatic changes brought about by the increase in the average temperature of the earth's atmosphere) are with us now, people all over the world developed an increasing desire to make, trade and buy healthy product choices which at the same time protecting the environment.  Learning to use alternative energy sources, environment friendly cleaning products, eco-bags to replace biodegradable plastic bags, organic farm produce, conserving water and green living ideas will help us survive from life’s adversity.  To help protect nature from destruction, eco-friendly products and campaigns are made to inform and educate people worldwide for us to help hand in hand in preserving our beloved planet.

ECOTRADE is a Korean based B2B Marketplace specializing in environmental friendly related products and technology. One of their objectives is to improve awareness about environmental concerns and assist people with purchasing eco- friendly products. It is founded by Korea Environmental Technology and Industry Institute (KEITI).

If you are looking for the latest environment friendly by-products, visit .  Buying transactions are at most convenient. No more long and irritating signing up process is needed in order to find what you need. Only a few brief descriptions and data are required to be filled up.  Sellers will comply and contact you with your queries regarding the product you need to buy. Its marketplace being connected with, one of the biggest worldwide B2B Marketplace, offers a wide range of recommended reliable earth friendly merchandise and environmental industry database from certified merchants. All products endorsed are verified and passed the standards of the inspecting authorities like ISO, and EU. It is a one-stop shop for the latest environment technology materials and commodities.

ECOTRADE also furnishes beneficial links and recent issues, inventions and trends about environmental industry and trade. Above all, ECOTRADE services are free of charge.  For the meantime only Korean Companies can register and absorbed as a seller to strengthen the promotion and export of the nation’s by-product.  Later on, surely it will open its doors for worldwide sellers. As a Seller, a free e-catalogue is given to publish your own company profile, products and offers.  The number of prospective clients you can get not only range from hundreds but thousands all over the world.

You may visit their social media network at:
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Congratulations ECOTRADE! You are a great e-marketplace that offers solution for people beginning to change lifestyles to make a difference in preserving the planet as we know it.


  1. Indeed a great e-marketplace for eco-friendly products!

  2. have to check that out coz a client is in need of such products! Thanks for the info :)

  3. Let's aim for healthy environment 

  4. Everyone should be involved in saving mother earth.

  5. hopefully one day,  a site like this will be available for the Philippine market, too. This will benefit not only the environment but the people as a whole, in the long run. Thanks for sharing :)

  6. After reading this post, I am more inclined to support eco-friendly products.. :P True, we have yet to establish something like this in our country, but at least we can try to support it by doing our part in protecting the environment and supporting eco friendly products that we can find here.. :D


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