Sibling Personalities No Two People are Alike

Parenting is not an easy task, we just cannot rely on what we know and experienced.  There are times that we also need to ask other opinions and do some researches too.  Do not set aside the fact that we also can learn something from our children. 

In case you have two or more children, you will observe and discover that they possess different personalities as they grow older.  In my case of having two sons, my disciplinary actions for my elder child do not apply with my youngest child.  Both of them are stubborn but as my youngest son is having ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), he needs a different and special approach in terms of disciplining. 

Our kids born under the combination of two genes (parents) may have common traits and physical appearance but we can also notice their differences in some ways.  They may look very much like you, but they are not exactly like you.

We cannot ignore the fact that we sometimes compare our children’s personalities especially when we reprimand them.  Doing so as I’ve learned through my motherhood experience is not fair.  Every individual is unique in some way, character, emotions, attitude and behavioral response patterns differ from one sibling to another. 

No two people are alike and the same, even twins have their contrasting ways, habits and attitudes.  I can attest to that because my youngest siblings are twins. They may look alike in some ways but definitely they are very much opposite in other fashion.

Each and every kid has distinctive skills and characteristics, their own personality that we need to guide, enrich and instill basic values such as kindness, honesty and compassion to help them develop into a great person.


  1. Ms.Joy I have two kids and they have different personalities your right po..patience and quality time with them lalo na I am a single parent so lahat it is under my care..having bonding moments with both of them makes them more sweet..cguro the best thing I learned and it worked is learning to appreciate each others strengths and always being there when they need someone to look up a mother and a father all in one I have learned to love them more..

    I salute you Ms.Joy..I know it is hard but you have treated and loved your child so dearly..and it is a wow for me..saludo ako sayo po Ms.Joy..

    God bless you and your family po..*hugs* :)

  2. you have got a lovely space dear, thnX for stopping by my blog. I'm happy to follow you back!!!!!


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