Pointers to Remember in Long Distance Moving

We rent a house as we still do not have our own.  Moving from one house to another is not only stressful but it makes me sick too.  I learned from my own experience the proper and organized way on how to move from one house to another. 

Here are some pointers and tips on a smooth move.
  • Plan ahead when you need to move from one place to another especially if it is a long distance moving. Consider the proximity of the place from your children's school, place of work, market, hospital and many more.
  • Pack your things 2 weeks before you move, make sure also that it is properly labeled outside the box.  Sort it according to frequent usage. Things not used on a daily basis can be packed much earlier than scheduled.
  • Make a thorough check up on the house that you were about to move in, the comfort room, drainage, faucets, and electrical outlets/lightings.  It is better to do the necessary repairs needed before you move in.
  • Schedule a day for clean-up in the new house, bathrooms/comfort rooms and the kitchen should be cleaned before the scheduled move.
  • Contact a long distance moving company, 2 weeks ahead too. Availing their service will give you less pain in the neck for they are well- equipped and you will be assured of the proper handling of your treasured appliances. Just as long as you have the inventory tallied with their list, there’s nothing to get worried about. Formerly, we just use our own vehicle and we find it very tiring going to and fro, it does not only waste too much time but some of my appliances get broken too.
  • Let each of the family member pack their own personal things, so they can easily get and find what they need. Assign a bag or box for their things and remind them to have it labeled too.
  • Cook enough food for the family before moving out.

Note: I am participating in a blogger campaign by Bucks2Blog and was compensated. However, the post was written based on my own personal experience.


  1. yes Ms.Joy moving to another house is really tiring and sometimes frustrating and sometimes this is one of the reasons why I have second thoughts of moving out..lalo na I am a single mom and ako lang and my kids..

    keep smiling ms.Joy..hello po to your 2 kids po :)

  2. good points to remember  - and nice & useful blog :) Nice to be here Joy and hope you will join me on my veggie food blog :) cheers, Priya

  3. We had recently moved in our new house and it is really tasking, and tiring..until now we still has boxes unopened....hayyy

  4. I can relate because I can't count how many times we moved to different houses.   really daunting. i'm glad that we have our own house now.

  5. I totally dig you. We moved to our place 6 years ago and I thought we don't have much stuff...I was surprised! We're planning to move but just thinking of it makes me back out...thanks for the tips, if in case we go through the move, this will be handy...

  6. I have moved more than 30x in my whole life. It's really tiring but a fresh start is always welcome. :)

    C5 @ A Woman's World

  7. We're still renting, like you, and have moved tons of times so i totally get how you feel about moving. it's so exhausting, but after moving around so much, i am able to see another side of it na: as an opportunity to parang "cleanse" na rin, emotionally and pati na yung mga physical stuff ^^

  8.  we are also still renting and still hoping to get our house.. :) thanks for the tip!

  9. Thanks for the tips. I didn't know about these things when I moved to hubby's place. I should have read this years ago.

  10. I can say that you have shared reliable and useful tips. Thank you for that. I might suggest you to continue sharing great ideas like this.


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