Good Study Habits

Yahmir my youngest son has been complaining about his teachers, giving too much home works and projects especially now that he is already on the 6th grade. Subject lessons are getting much difficult day by day.

It is a good thing that he already had established a good study habit.  No matter how many school tasks he has after a school day, he can accomplish them in a matter of time. 

Using time and energy wisely will help one excel in his studies and may even let one enjoy other worthwhile activities too. Make and follow a schedule that provides for a systematic way of getting studies done. Unless one has organized his time into a better schedule and develops a good set of work habits, one will continue being frustrated and unsuccessful in studies

Budget time by making and following a schedule of what to do within a period of time.  I will be sharing you some tips to make a better and realistic plan of study.

  • Study the same subject at the same time each day. Yahmir follows his daily class schedule when he study. He goes home from school at 5 pm, so we eat our dinner early to give him ample time to study his lessons and make his assignments. 
  • Have a definite place for studying. Have a certain table and chair in a corner where your child can study well.  After some time he will find that he is ready to study when he sits in this place.  A study table is much preferable for it has compartments where your child can put his school things. Studying in bed is definitely a big No.
  • Have all the necessary materials placed in his study table, like ballpens, erasers, dictionaries, other reference books, and art supplies which he might need.  The school bag should be also next to his table when he studies.
  • Turn off the radio or the television, let him study in a quiet setting. Noise even radio music distracts one from studying properly, especially among kids.  Experiments conducted have proved that it is not true that one can study better with a television or a radio on.
  • Telephone calls as much as possible should be limited while he studies.  He should inform his friends and classmates about his study schedule.
  • Eating peanuts and junk foods for me is not advisable while studying.
  • All work and no play makes a person dull, so don’t forget to schedule time for other activities like playing, helping in household chores and recreational activities
  • At school, teach him to form the right kind of classroom habits. Listen very well to his teachers while they lecture. Learn the habit of taking down notes, and jot down all the assignments in the assignment notebook.  It would be easier for him to study, if he knows the flow of their current lessons.
  • Lastly, never do your kid’s home works. Let them do it in the best of their ability. Our task is to tutor them to lessons which they cannot understand, explain but do not give them the answers immediately, let them think hard first. In this way, we can monitor in which subject does he needs help.  More often children in grade school need assistance in Math and English/Language assignments. Check on their works afterwards for correction. Check on their school things like paper, pencil, ballpens, etc.  See to it also that they have enough school supplies to bring for their school needs.

Set a sleeping time schedule during school days.  Having enough sleep will make them more refreshed and ready for school the next day. 


  1. I so agree ms.Joy..and my eldest really sleeps around 8 p.m. po..lights off because she will go to school early the next giving her a prayer and a big tight hug before going to sleep and before she goes to school will surely add up to her inspiration of being good in school..

    have a nice day ms.Joy *hugs hugs po*

  2. hi mommy joy, napaisip tuloy ako sa study table with compartments, kasi yan ang kulang namin dito for our schoolboy. with his study habits, wala naman akong problema kasi he loves to study (for now, ewan ko lang pag elementary na...hehehe). yesterday nga when we were studying for his math exam today, we were in the bed kasi i was breastfeeding baby Job, he told me, mommy the bed is not for studying, it's for sleeping... tama! hehehe... anyways, i like your post mommy joy! thank you for this! have a great day!

  3. Hi Sie :) early to bed, early to rise di ba hihi

  4. Hello Pinx, mas gaganahan mag aral ang kids pag meron sila sariling study table di ba, ready made na ang binibili kong study tables, yun inaassemble ba

  5. Thanks for the tips! My son will also be in a big school in September next year and I hope he develops a good study habit. And I hope I will have more patience in teaching him coz I'm not really a good teacher. hehe..
    Blog hopping here & followed you!

  6. I was wondering where is your WBFC#20 post but anyway +1'd :) Mine is here

    Hope you do the same.

  7. Hi Sis,
           I am #7 in your G+1, visitng from WBFC 20, hope you can add your +1 here in my entry


  8. +8 Joy on homepage.. see you back! @

  9. I agree with you. Having a good study habits help the children cope with their school works. And I don't allow my children to play computer or any console games during school days. Only Saturday and Sunday. And they should be in bed by 9pm. Those are my strict rules.


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