Why Do Babies Cry?

Our babies cry naturally. It is their way of communicating with us since they cannot talk yet.  There are a lot of reasons behind it and we need to interpret and supposed to know why a baby cries.  If your baby is wailing and you cannot figure out why? Here are some lists that you may find helpful to comfort and soothe your child.

    1. They may be irritable due to wet diaper or clothes. Especially on cold weather, they may be feeling cold or annoyed with their wet diaper or soiled clothes.
    2. Maybe hungry or thirsty. Babies usually need to be fed every four to five hours, depending on their age. They also need to drink  water aside from the infant formula.
    3. Bitten by a mosquito, ants or other insects. Check all over their body to see if they have been bitten by mosquitos, ants or other insects that feels itchiness and redness on their skin.
    4. Feverish.  Make a habit of getting a baby’s temperature first before giving him/her a bath.  If a baby is suffering from a fever, give him the prescribed paracetamol drops and if it still persist, better to let him see a doctor as soon as possible. 
    5. Pierced by a pointed object.  Our children who might be playing near or beside their younger sibling’s bed or crib may have forgotten to take away a toy.  If you are still using a safety pin for a cloth diaper, double check if it is properly pinned.
    6. Pain during teething period.  The teething stage can be stressful to our child.  Help him to ease the pain through giving him a teether.
    7. Too much or too little food or water. This will cause stomach ache and uneasiness.  We have to be aware that every month or two, feeding increases by the ounces. We can always ask for pediatric advice on proper feeding.
    8. Need for more love and attention.  Babies need to be cuddled more often.  They like to see our faces, hear our voices and heartbeats as we hold them in our arms.  They can feel the love through the warmth of our embrace.  Touching is a way to let them feel our love, affection and attention.
    9. Sleepy.  Babies are very sensitive to noise, they cannot sleep well in noisy surroundings.  Once they are bothered from their sleep, they will cry, tapping him lightly while humming a lullaby will put him back to sleep.
    10.  Suffering from colic. Tummy troubles caused by colic or gas pains leads to a lot of crying.  This is usually the most common reason of our baby’s excessive crying.  If he is suffering from colic, hold him in a position as he was standing on your chest, then tap slightly his back until he burps. Pediatricians may prescribed medicine to get rid of colic but I prefer the natural way.
    11. Afraid or shock.  Babies also feels fear.  When they suddenly have  been awaken due to a loud noise, they will definitely cry. Comfort by tapping him slightly or holding him in your arms.
An old Filipino traditional belief says that it is healthy to let a baby cry in the morning to exercise his lungs. Excessive crying may occur at certain times of the day, in my experience with my two sons crying is linked to their daily routine lol.


  1. hello ms.Joy..your information was complete..wala na akong madadagdag pa..passing by Ms.Joy *hhhuuuugggsssss*..have a blessed Sunday and a happy bonding with your family po :)

  2. Hi Sie!  hope you're okay na. Hugs to your kids!

  3. Ms.Joy..thank  so much for your comment on my site po..I cried while reading it po..I never expected po na you are also annuled..I am not alone po pala..Ms.Joy salamat po talaga..love lots po mwahhhhh :)

  4. my baby does all these mommy Joy! hahaha! at Baby Job's age now, a month and a half, i can already distinguish his cries, i know when he's hungry, sleepy or just plain irritated by just listening to his cries. namiss mo siguro ang may baby mommy joy, that's why you made this post. hehehe... have a nice week mommy Joy. by the way, hubby said thank you for dropping by his blog. he's very busy doing his rounds in the hospital kaya di pa sya nakaka-visit back sa mga nagfollow sa kanya... thanks again! have a nice week ahead mommy Joy!

  5. Great info Mommy Joy. I'm sure this article is very helpful to the new moms, soon-to-be moms and even to the veteran moms out there who thought they knew it all :)

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  6. korek Pinx, kaka-miss meron baby sa bahay :) panay kasi iyak nung baby sa  neighbor ko, gusto ko nga sana sabihin na pakibasa yun blog ko ahaha, kakaawa yun baby tanghaling tapat iyak ng iyak :(

    i am happy that your husband shares your interest :) 

  7. I used to rack my brains out trying to figure out why my baby would cry.  What you have there is a comprehensive list which is really handy for moms, whether first time or otherwise.  I could use that list when I have a baby again :)

  8. I've learned from experience what does my baby cries mean. I used to get panicky when my first born cries. These lists of yours is really helpful for those first time mom's out there who has trouble figuring it out yet. 



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