Thursday, September 29, 2011

Cleaning 101: The inside of your car

I do a weekly inside cleaning of our vehicles before my husband takes it to the car wash station near us.

I first grab an empty box, working my way from front to rear, (looking also under the seats) tossing trash into the empty box. 

Remove and shake out the floor mats, then I go over the seats and the floor with a handheld vacuum, before I slip the mats back in.

Clean the dashboard, doorjambs, arm rests and steering wheel with a damp micro fiber cloth.

Lastly, I check on important documents like the vehicle’s registration and manuals in the glove compartment, store coins in an empty pill bottle and keep it in the cup holder for toll fees. I inspect the toolbox if it is complete with the emergency car tools and supplies in the trunk.  I also make sure that the passenger side compartment contains flashlight, spare batteries, baby wipes, alcohol and paracetamol for emergency use.  A jacket and an umbrella is always inside the vehicle too.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Essence of Home Gardening

There’s nothing more worthwhile doing with your yard than transforming it into a beautiful garden. Turn your gardening hobby into a fulfilling career in floral design or landscaping with a mfa degree. May it be a flower garden with extra touch of landscaping or a vegetable or fruit, or herb one, it will still be fulfilling to see that your front or back yard which was once empty has now become gorgeous looking one with all the flowers, fruits or vegetables growing and glowing each day.

photo taken from the web
Of course, you can still do home gardening even if you don’t have a yard. There are now many ways to do that. All you need to have are few seeds, pots or containers, and a place to put them like a balcony or windowsills then you already have a container garden! Or you can do vertical or deck-rail gardening or you can have a raised-bed garden which you can put in your patio, deck or balcony.  

photo taken from the web
Some people garden for money and others for consumption but there are others as well who gardens for pleasure. Because aside from the fact that your garden may bring you fortune and fresh, safe and healthy food, it also allows you to burn some calories while giving you a chance to express yourself and use your skills and creativity in enhancing your outdoor setting for pleasuring your eyes and spirit as well as the other people who may see it.

The best part in gardening is, whatever reasons you have in doing so and whatever garden you may have at home, you’re able to get close to nature and learn to nurture plants while enjoying the fruits of your labor!

Ysabela is a freelance content writer who loves design and photography. She spends her free time writing about gulvafslibning and sees this as a way of sharing information about floor sanding.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Importance of Deworming in Children

When I was still a kid, I am very afraid of being dewormed.  I pretend to be asleep or I will get out of the house and play in order to skip or delay the activity. I was too skinny then but I ate heavy, my mom suspected that my stomach was infested with parasites.  My playmates scared me by telling stories of worms getting out anywhere from the body, that is why I really cried out loud during deworming periods, lol.   

Only when I became a mother have I known of its importance.  Deworming is deem necessary and never should it be taken lightly.  Eliminating worms help to prevent the illnesses they cause in children.  These hookworm, pinworm, roundworm, tapeworm and whipworm are internal human parasites that affect the general health of our children. Some are too small to be seen by the naked eyes.

It is better to consult a physician if it is your first time to deworm your kid.  He can best evaluate and provide you the correct details on proper dosage and the significance of regular deworming.

I began deworming my kids at age two (2), I gave the dose before bedtime as instructed by their pediatrician.  In the next morning, these worms are usually flushed out.  It is recommended to remove the bedsheets in the morning and the clothes he’s wearing be changed, wash them separately.

Begin teaching kids their personal hygiene in their early age as much as possible. Regularly trim their fingernails and toenails as well, always let them wear their slippers or shoes and educate them why we have to wash our hands, especially before eating.

If you have your pet dog or cat inside the house better deworm them too, for their worm infestation can be passed on to humans.

I do a yearly deworming with my kids, usually during summer time.  What about you, how often do you deworm your kids?

Friday, September 16, 2011

Home Safety, Keep the Burglars Away!

Home safety is a must nowadays, house robberies occur here and there, carnapping is rampant, even telephone cable lines are subjects of these thefts.

I grew up in a home without any fence; although there are some houses enclosed with pales made of bamboo, only for the purpose of protecting their vegetable gardens from dogs and cows. Living then is simple, secured and has nothing to worry about being robbed. Time has changed, poverty and illiteracy increased crime rates. Safety is always on top priority in every home these days.

Six years ago, our community area became the target of these burglars. They attack in different modus operandi. These housebreakers called Akyat-bahay attacks even in broad daylight.  What is more frightening is that they do not think twice to kill.  My husband and I decided to let our house be installed of window grills, double gates, and double door locks.  We replaced our old padlocks with zinc alloy padlocks.  These padlocks will make the bolt cutters sweat .

Zinc Alloy Padlock

window grills

double gates

the second gate inside the garage
side gate also inside

our dirty kitchen

Our neighbor next door aside from installing double gates, also installed a burglar alarm, which sounds like a school bell to mark recess time, hehe.

I also keep on reminding my househelp not to entertain phone calls from people she does not know especially when we are out, even if these caller will tell her that we will send them over because definitely we will not do that. When somebody knocks on the gate, do not open nor get near it, talk away from them. Never divulge informations of our whereabouts and the time that we will get home.  I emphasize to them that it will also be for their safety.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Children Learn What They Live

Last quarter, while I was reading my youngest son's notes and lessons to prepare him for his review in his first quarter examinations, I was hooked-up on this passages in his Language book.  I find it very worthy and informative to share especially when it comes to rearing up our children. 

Here are some pointers to ponder that could serve as a guide and reminder for us.

If a child lives with:

Criticism, he learns to condemn.  He would always find others also wrong and would always look for other’s fault.

Hostility, he learns to hit back or fight back.

Ridicule, he learns to be shy and timid, always has the tendency to avoid mingling with other people.

Tolerance, he learns to be patient.  He would be able to endure and bear circumstances calmly.

Encouragement, he learns confidence. He will develop belief in himself and his ability.

Praise, he learns to appreciate. He will know how to value and recognize the good in others.

Fairness, he learns justice.  He will easily differentiate what is just and unjust.

Approval, he learns to like himself and would appreciate the feeling of attraction and admiration for someone.

Acceptance and friendship, he learns how to find love in the world.  He will be able to develop the sense of strong affection and caring for someone or something.

Faith, he will learn how to have a strong belief and trust in the Higher Being, someone or something.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Inspirational Blog Award

I am very thankful to have received a blogging recognition.  A co-blogger, my loyal and frequent blog visitor and commenter, now becoming a dear friend had bestowed me this Inspirational Blog Award.  Thank you SieI hope my writings will continue to be of inspiration and substantial to my readers. I will be rendering this distinction to other bloggers who also share musing articles.

Well here now are my answers for the Eight Easy Tag Questions:

1.    What makes you laugh, smile or giggle?  I laugh out loud on family bonding moments, when we watch funny dvd movies, when we share funny stories, when I talk to my best blogging friends who usually crack jokes which I can’t help laughing.  While, a simple gesture of a warm greeting makes me smile.  I giggle when my husband send me text messages on how he misses me during the day that he’s out for work then wrapping up with warm embraces in the afternoon when he comes home to call it a day.

2.    What are your dreams for your future? Simple dreams of seeing my children fully established on their own. My husband and I to grow old together in a farm life.

3.    If you are to go to a cruise, where would it be and why?  I want to see the spectacular sceneries of Alaska and cruising with the Royal Caribbean, a great family treat!

4.    How would you spend your vacation time and with whom? I always value my family, I would always want to spend my vacation time with my kids and husband.

5.    If given a chance, what life would you choose? Your life now or your past? I will choose both.

6.    Is there something that you wished before when you were young but you didn’t get it? I have no regrets in life, though the journey I traveled when I was younger was a bumpy one, the past actions did not made me upset nor regret.

7.    Have you been in a situation where you might have given up but still you chose to move on?  Yes, a lot of times. It is a very difficult time in my life but I hold on to my strong faith in HIM, he never had forsaken me.

8.    Is their someone in your life who has been your source of strength and inspiration? My husband, my two sons, my mom and most of all the Almighty Father up above are always the source of strength and inspiration.

Now, it’s about time to render and pass this honor to:

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Monday, September 05, 2011

Dragon World, another book collection

Yearly, the school where my youngest son studies conducts a week of book fair to encourage students and pupils to read more, to develop their reading comprehension and stimulate their reading interests.

Yahmir is saving a part of his monetary baon for him to be able to buy his choice of book. He is always looking forward to this event in school for he is now more engrossed in deciphering printed materials, the interest which he was able to cultivate in a much younger age.  I am happy that I was able to flourish  his reading curiosity. When we go malling, I see to it that I bring my children to a bookstore and allow them to select their book to purchase.  We are a family of bookworms having different choices in topics we read. My husband is more on medical books, JM is very much attracted to technical books that concerns computers.  Yahmir is reading more on adventure, animals, amazing facts, guinness records, etc. while I read any printed material that catches my attention and amuses me.

This book Dragon World fascinated him and finished reading it over the weekend.  He told me that it was a great book, though he had not yet elaborated the content because he is again hooked on reading a novel entitled Messenger for their English subject book review.