Cleaning 101: The inside of your car

I do a weekly inside cleaning of our vehicles before my husband takes it to the car wash station near us.

I first grab an empty box, working my way from front to rear, (looking also under the seats) tossing trash into the empty box. 

Remove and shake out the floor mats, then I go over the seats and the floor with a handheld vacuum, before I slip the mats back in.

Clean the dashboard, doorjambs, arm rests and steering wheel with a damp micro fiber cloth.

Lastly, I check on important documents like the vehicle’s registration and manuals in the glove compartment, store coins in an empty pill bottle and keep it in the cup holder for toll fees. I inspect the toolbox if it is complete with the emergency car tools and supplies in the trunk.  I also make sure that the passenger side compartment contains flashlight, spare batteries, baby wipes, alcohol and paracetamol for emergency use.  A jacket and an umbrella is always inside the vehicle too.


  1. cleaning the car is so important..most specially car seats because there are tiny dust mites that can cause allergies and infections..passing by Ms.Joy..have a happy morning po :)

  2. thanks for reminding me.  I hardly remember the last time I cleaned the inside of my car :)

  3. This post is perfect! We are planning to have our old car cleaned at the auto detailers. I am not sure how, but this is the very first time that we experienced major molds in our car. The molds are everywhere, and even if we clean it, vacuum it, etc. after a few days the molds are there again and with a vengeance!

    My dad said that only steam cleaning it and shampooing will do the trick.  So, this weekend or early next week, we will take my old college car to the detailers. If it does not work, then I will soak the interiors with pure white vinegar...I know that will kill the molds.

    Btw, when I removed the rubber matting at the back seat, I noticed that it was wet (under the furry one). Maybe water got in when the house help was cleaning the car with an open window...grrrrr! @_@

  4. and to add, food crumbs will trigger ants to live inside your car too hehe

  5. take time to clean it up dear :)

  6. exactly, the reason why we do not allow our househelp to do the job hehe

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  9. Nice article, I am planning to send my car over for a detail job every month and was looking for a things I should do before sending the car over, a check list. your article definitely helped. I will now store things like you said before sending my car over to one of the detail shops in the area. 


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