Dragon World, another book collection

Yearly, the school where my youngest son studies conducts a week of book fair to encourage students and pupils to read more, to develop their reading comprehension and stimulate their reading interests.

Yahmir is saving a part of his monetary baon for him to be able to buy his choice of book. He is always looking forward to this event in school for he is now more engrossed in deciphering printed materials, the interest which he was able to cultivate in a much younger age.  I am happy that I was able to flourish  his reading curiosity. When we go malling, I see to it that I bring my children to a bookstore and allow them to select their book to purchase.  We are a family of bookworms having different choices in topics we read. My husband is more on medical books, JM is very much attracted to technical books that concerns computers.  Yahmir is reading more on adventure, animals, amazing facts, guinness records, etc. while I read any printed material that catches my attention and amuses me.

This book Dragon World fascinated him and finished reading it over the weekend.  He told me that it was a great book, though he had not yet elaborated the content because he is again hooked on reading a novel entitled Messenger for their English subject book review.


  1. Reading is good for developing minds!

  2. hi I voted you from my top 10 influential bloggers for 2011

  3. Your one of my Top Ten Emerging Influential Blogs.

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  4. Hi Mommy Joy! You're lucky that your son is enrolled in a school where reading is highly encouraged. Sana ganyan din sa magiging school ng kids ko. A blessed day to you!


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