6 Simple Ways to Save Money at Home

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Children Learn What They Live

Last quarter, while I was reading my youngest son's notes and lessons to prepare him for his review in his first quarter examinations, I was hooked-up on this passages in his Language book.  I find it very worthy and informative to share especially when it comes to rearing up our children. 

Here are some pointers to ponder that could serve as a guide and reminder for us.

If a child lives with:

Criticism, he learns to condemn.  He would always find others also wrong and would always look for other’s fault.

Hostility, he learns to hit back or fight back.

Ridicule, he learns to be shy and timid, always has the tendency to avoid mingling with other people.

Tolerance, he learns to be patient.  He would be able to endure and bear circumstances calmly.

Encouragement, he learns confidence. He will develop belief in himself and his ability.

Praise, he learns to appreciate. He will know how to value and recognize the good in others.

Fairness, he learns justice.  He will easily differentiate what is just and unjust.

Approval, he learns to like himself and would appreciate the feeling of attraction and admiration for someone.

Acceptance and friendship, he learns how to find love in the world.  He will be able to develop the sense of strong affection and caring for someone or something.

Faith, he will learn how to have a strong belief and trust in the Higher Being, someone or something.


  1. I agree Ms.Joy..and as a single Mom I am proud to say comparing my kids to some kids that I have met..I have raised them properly..even without the love from a father who have abused them physically..showing them the love that they deserve gave them a good character..all people who have been with my kids said they are so sweet and kind..there was no trace of abuse..and with that Ms.Joy seeing my kids..they are my strength po no matter how hard I am going through now..madalas wala na lang akong magawa kundi mag huh..I have to move on and be strong for them..

    *Love you Ms.Joy :) *

  2. ahem, parang i got struck with lightning sa post mong ito mommy joy... hehehe...  napaisip tuloy ako with how i should raise up my little boys... puede ba tong i-copy? i'd like to print this... hehehe...have a nice day mommy Joy!

  3. how true this is. :-) much of my approaches to life now is influenced by how i was brought up. very good food for thought for aspiring parents... :-D


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