Importance of Deworming in Children

When I was still a kid, I am very afraid of being dewormed.  I pretend to be asleep or I will get out of the house and play in order to skip or delay the activity. I was too skinny then but I ate heavy, my mom suspected that my stomach was infested with parasites.  My playmates scared me by telling stories of worms getting out anywhere from the body, that is why I really cried out loud during deworming periods, lol.   

Only when I became a mother have I known of its importance.  Deworming is deem necessary and never should it be taken lightly.  Eliminating worms help to prevent the illnesses they cause in children.  These hookworm, pinworm, roundworm, tapeworm and whipworm are internal human parasites that affect the general health of our children. Some are too small to be seen by the naked eyes.

It is better to consult a physician if it is your first time to deworm your kid.  He can best evaluate and provide you the correct details on proper dosage and the significance of regular deworming.

I began deworming my kids at age two (2), I gave the dose before bedtime as instructed by their pediatrician.  In the next morning, these worms are usually flushed out.  It is recommended to remove the bedsheets in the morning and the clothes he’s wearing be changed, wash them separately.

Begin teaching kids their personal hygiene in their early age as much as possible. Regularly trim their fingernails and toenails as well, always let them wear their slippers or shoes and educate them why we have to wash our hands, especially before eating.

If you have your pet dog or cat inside the house better deworm them too, for their worm infestation can be passed on to humans.

I do a yearly deworming with my kids, usually during summer time.  What about you, how often do you deworm your kids?


  1. Yes is so important po..that's one of the reasons why I was thin before ay yucker is actually recommended that every child should have it.. opo ms.Joy I have been deworming my kids po eversince..most specially now our environment has lots of contagious most specially those nails is a must :)

    *magandang umaga po :) *

  2. lol! ^_^ I recently dewormed myself because I think I saw some in my stool. I have cats as pet and I usually hug and kiss them. ^_^ Plus, I get some of it's symptoms such as: insomnia and mild stomach pains that I get out of the blue. And now I think I'm getting fatter @_@ hmmmm...I think I miss my worms ^_^ lol

  3. What country do you live in ?

  4. Hi Mommy Joy,

    Thanks for reminding me to deworm my little one. Looking forward to more "reminders" from you. :)

  5. make it a habit atleast yearly Sie hehe

  6. ahaha you made my day Karl :)

  7. Sir, I live in the Philippines :)

  8. Oh thank you for visiting my blog :) sure Ma'am I will try my best to post more relevant topics for kids :)

  9. helo mam joy where can i buy these dewomer for children. i live here right now in the US and i have talked to my children's pediatricians and they dont believed in deworming. they also think its unnecessary and that it only exist from 3rd world country. but based on my own experiences as a child living in the Phil., i do believe my kids has worms especially my youngest who is now 3 yrs old. he eats a lot but has difficulty in gaining weight and he gets constantly constipated. sometimes i would just cry with my baby since i dont know what to do to help him especially when he gets a major stomach pain and constipations. my husband would bring him sometimes to the er in the middle of the night when our baby seems to have major pain but the doc would only give him laxatives. its been going on now for a few months. i dont think its the food he eats because he eats vegetables too and he is not picky when it comes to food. i also give my son prune juice to drink regularly so help him with his constipations. pls help me and give me advice as soon as you can. thank you. 

  10. Hello Maam, may I suggest you try to seek a second opinion regarding your youngest son's health first, if you know of any Filipino doctor try to talk to them too, there are many factors involve why a kid is not gaining weight and having constipation, as per deworming, it would be advisable to consult a doctor first to know the proper dosage to be given depending on the age and weight of the kid. Worms are everywhere especially if you have a pet inside the house. third or first world countries are not spared by these parasites in my humble opinion :)

    I hope your son will get better soonest. 

  11. Hi mam good morning. Is it OK to deworm your kids even if they have colds and cough? Also I heard that there are foods that are not allowed to give your kids while deworming them such as sweets like chocolates. Is it true? I am planning to deworm my son who is now 2years old. I just want to know the safety precautions while deworming like the food he should and should not eat. I would love to hear your answer as soon as possible mam. Thanks a lot. :-)

  12. As I understood, it is the first time for your child to be dewormed? Well, I would suggest that you consult your child's pediatrician first so he/she could advise you on the proper dosage and to when is the best time for you to deworm your kid


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