Home Safety, Keep the Burglars Away!

Home safety is a must nowadays, house robberies occur here and there, carnapping is rampant, even telephone cable lines are subjects of these thefts.

I grew up in a home without any fence; although there are some houses enclosed with pales made of bamboo, only for the purpose of protecting their vegetable gardens from dogs and cows. Living then is simple, secured and has nothing to worry about being robbed. Time has changed, poverty and illiteracy increased crime rates. Safety is always on top priority in every home these days.

Six years ago, our community area became the target of these burglars. They attack in different modus operandi. These housebreakers called Akyat-bahay attacks even in broad daylight.  What is more frightening is that they do not think twice to kill.  My husband and I decided to let our house be installed of window grills, double gates, and double door locks.  We replaced our old padlocks with zinc alloy padlocks.  These padlocks will make the bolt cutters sweat .

Zinc Alloy Padlock

window grills

double gates

the second gate inside the garage
side gate also inside

our dirty kitchen

Our neighbor next door aside from installing double gates, also installed a burglar alarm, which sounds like a school bell to mark recess time, hehe.

I also keep on reminding my househelp not to entertain phone calls from people she does not know especially when we are out, even if these caller will tell her that we will send them over because definitely we will not do that. When somebody knocks on the gate, do not open nor get near it, talk away from them. Never divulge informations of our whereabouts and the time that we will get home.  I emphasize to them that it will also be for their safety.


  1. Thanks for this post ^_^ Our family has been planning on installing security "CCTV" cams.

    My mom also suggested making the iron fences on our  front wall even higher. I on the other hand suggested surrounding the entire property with iron fence, so the burglars can't get in our property by using the neighbor's roof, wall, etc.

    I like you padlock! Where can I buy them? How much? Is this better than the one called Abloy padlocks where you can't duplicate the key, and you can't open and close the padlock itself w/o the key?

  2. I agree Ms.Joy..people are really rude this days..most specially Christmas is near..protecting ourselves and our homes is the best thing we can do..I always put double locks and iron bars on my doors at night..I am so scared actually at night actually because it is only me and my two kids..

    *passing by po *hugssssss*.. :)

  3. Ms.Joy my doors and windows are locked already oh..passing by po.. *gudnyt ms.Joy po* huuugggssss..

  4. Very timely post ... Just recently, in our place, a burglar almost succeeded in breaking and entering our next-door neighbor's house. Good thing a kid spotted him and immediately called the guard on duty. But the burglar got away, unfortunately.

  5. Hi Karl, we bought the padlock in Ace hardware, it has the same quality with abloy and yes, you cannot take off the key agad agad hehe

  6. oh, there's really a need to keep your home safe Sie, better be safe than sorry, my warm regards to your kids, extend my hugs to them :)

  7. these burglars usually have back ups, some of them even bring their wives and children to create a commotion so their pagnanakaw will be unnoticed, ganyan gawa nila dito noon, nag aaway kuno yun 2 babae para sa kanila mapunta attention, hay!

  8. now this is something I should know when I finally have my own house.. interesting ang zinc alloy padlock ha :) 

  9. try it Mommy Peh, worth buying po :)


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