Thursday, August 28, 2014

A Breather for Busy Moms

Being a mom is the busiest job in the world. Most moms need to balance work and home demands. Moms can get caught up in a frenzied juggle of spouse, children, bosses, household chores, projects, errands and even family pets. If it gets too much to take, moms definitely need a breather or a time out to collect themselves and charge out to face all these demands once more.

When was the last time you had a date with your spouse without your kids? How long was it when you last bonded or talked with your girlfriends and siblings? It may become difficult to find time for yourself when you have your family and career to think about, but with little changes you can significantly improve how your daily routines and avoid that “burnt out” feeling from doing everything.

lunch date, bonding time with my sisters

Communicate with your partner what you need so that you will be more connected and in tune. Use technology such as text messaging, email or a post it on places that he or she can easily see. Schedule your chores, even your visit to the salon, meet up with girlfriends and date nights. Once in a while, put the kids to bed early or hire a babysitter so that you and your spouse can enjoy some time together. Find something that will work for your family, don’t hesitate to ask for help from your spouse in doing the errands or chores and take a little time out every day so you’ll feel refreshed and energized to juggle all your tasks once again.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Easy Puppy Proofing Tips to Use in Your Home

When you’ve got a new puppy to bring home, you might find yourself at lost on how you can puppy proof your home and ensure your new pup’s safety. It is basically like bringing a new baby home, what can harm your baby will surely harm your puppy too. Here’s a few tips to help you start up your puppy proofing project at home.

Start with clearing and keeping your household cleaning products including those toxic substances away from your puppy’s reach. Like toddlers, puppies tend to be curious and they want to try, feel and taste anything. Tall cabinets or top shelves are ideal places for keeping toxic items such as insecticides, detergents, rat poison and other cleaning products.

Watch out for electrical cords and other choking hazards – keep them out of your chewers, if you can’t raise them, get a rug that you can place over these electrical wires and chords. Also beware of indoor plants. Some plants can be harmful to animals when ingested so find out which should be removed and which stays.

Choose your puppy toys wisely. There are sponge and rubber toys which may be easily chewed out and swallowed. Don’t give them old clothing or shoes to play on as this will only develop bad chewing habits in your pup. It is recommended to buy edible chew bones to keep them busy and not to chew on your home furniture. 

Don’t get too excited having a new puppy around and overlook every hazards in your home. Take note of items which can cause illness or injury. Do not also forget to bring your puppy to a licensed veterinarian or animal clinic for its needed vaccines and immunization.  

Moreover, start training your new dog while young. Enjoy the happy times together with your new pet.

Easy Ways to Maintain and Care for your Carpet

The carpet is like the middle of the ocean. It may look clean and beautiful on the surface, but deep down lies a village of mysterious creatures named dirt and grime. And when food and drink stains hit the surface? You might as well play the Jaws instrumental while you try to furiously clean and scrub. But over-the-top analogies aside, maintaining and caring for your carpet isn’t a sink or swim situation after all. With most problems, come a series of pretty smart solutions. But what are they? Read on and find out!

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Preventing Dirty Dramas

Averting a potential cleaning dilemma before it occurs will not only save you time, but money. As they say, prevention is the most effective cleaning method. But how can you prevent this? With a dependable vacuum cleaner! While vacuuming, concentrate your time on areas that are close to entryways, outdoor areas and different corners of the room. These regions have high tendencies of accumulating dust, hair and other unwanted bacteria.

Steam Cleaning while Spring Cleaning

When Spring Cleaning season hits your household, add steam cleaning to the list. This method is a useful way to get your carpet back to its original state as well as remove unwanted soil and water. Nevertheless, before you do this, ensure that the carpet you’re dealing with allows for steam cleaning. This is because the contact between the fibres and machine can cause damage to the floor. Top Tip: Try and steam clean during hotter time periods as carpet bugs often migrate under your carpet!

How to Treat Carpet Stains

Stains are probably one of the most unexpected dilemmas to resolve; and quickly. But to prevent dirt and grime stains from occurring,have a No Shoes policy in your home. What about other stains? Food and beverage stains are infamous culprits when it comes to carpet stains, however there are useful and economical ways of dealing with them. This is where the water and vinegar solution comes in! Putting both liquids into a spray bottle, sprinkle the spilled area with the solution and leave for 10-15 minutes. Using a soft sponge, rub the surface and rinse with warm water. After this, place a layer of paper towels on top of the stain to finish. For more tips and information on how to clean different carpet stains, visit Stainmaster.

Key Maintenance Tips

People often think that using an excess amount of detergents and shampoos for their carpet cleaning, is an effective way of maintenance and retaining fibres. However, too much use can cause residue to remain and even harm your rug’s exterior. It’s also recommended that you don’t mix these carpet detergents with too much water. As the solutions are already chemically active, over-liquefying can result in carpet shrinkage and retention issues. If you’re having difficulties of cleaning or have queries on which products to use, be sure to call your local carpet professional.

Are you feeling a lot more confident when it comes to knowing how to maintain and care for your carpet? If you have your own secrets when it comes to this, feel free to post your tips in the provided comments section.

Must-have Furniture Pieces for your Bedroom

The part of the house where we retreat to get relaxation and enough needed rest at the end of the day is the bedroom.  A clean, clutter-free and fully equipped sleeping quarter eases and enhances physical and mental health as well. Investing in quality furniture pieces will not only make your sanctuary look fabulous and functional but it can also have a positive effect on your general health. A well rested body and mind can carry out day to day tasks properly.

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It is important to select the right bedroom furniture that suits your individual needs and style.
The following are suggested essential furniture pieces for your bedroom.

A comfortable bed

The bed is the main bedroom furniture that needs more focus and attention. The bed frame must be sturdy to last for years. The size also matters; a queen size is good enough for a couple. A good and comfortable memory foam mattress will help you get a comfortable and rejuvenating slumber. Choosing the right bed and enhancing it with beautiful bed sheets and pillows is the key to making your bedroom look fantastic.

Bedside table

A bedside table holds various purposes. It is where you can keep your nightly essentials like eyeglasses, alarm clock, books and cell phones.  It is also where you can place your bottled water and medicines within reach, thus will help you lessen getting out of the bed more often as things you need are just all next to you.

The dresser

To create a classy look, a dresser is an additional furniture that can add beauty to a bedroom. Most dressers come with mirrors, drawers and side panels where you can place your beauty essentials like powder, perfumes, hair brush, makeup and more.

The armoire or the wardrobe cabinet

If your bedroom has no built-in cabinets an armoire becomes handy and a must-have item. Opt for corner armoires to keep your room neat and orderly. Clothes, extra bed sheets, comforters and other stuffs can be stored in this moveable wardrobe cabinet. They also come in different designs that would match your needs and bedroom design.

A couch

A couch does not only add fashion and accent to a bedroom, it is a comfortable chair to sit on while you read on a good book or watch a good movie before going to bed.

If you are having a hard time finding the right mix and match of furniture pieces for your bedroom. You may ask Furniture stores about bedroom furniture sets that they offer. You may can select on various furniture items sold as a set, thus it will save you time too for acquiring the items you need in one shopping trip.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Kit your student accommodation out with fun bean bags

For a lot of students the chance to let off some steam and play as hard as they work is too good to resist. Students may be typecast as party animals, but their studies are a serious investment for their future lives and careers.

Whether at their first-year accommodation – catered, self-catered, or otherwise – or in their own rented property students need to stamp their own identity on where they’re currently living to feel at home, work effectively, and host their friends.

Student accommodation isn’t cheap, and for the majority of students it’s a cost that they constantly have to keep their eye on to get the most out of not just their studies, but their freedom as a student, too.

Furniture can be pricey, especially if the landlord in question expects their student tenants to invest in their own furnishings. Luckily there’s an affordable and creative solution that students from all backgrounds can take advantage of – beanbags.

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Beanbags don’t come in one single design. There are thousands of beanbags available in a huge range of colours, materials, shapes, sizes, and more. There’s a beanbag for everybody, for the student that wants one as a simple chair to the student that wants a large one to slump in to revise.

Students love beanbags because of their affordability, versatility, and practicality. There’s a beanbag suitable for any and every occasion, and can make a brilliant alternative to expensive sofas and chairs.

A comfortable beanbag is a great way for students to do creative work on. Away from their usual work environment at their university students can relax on a beanbag to do coursework, revise, work on creative projects, and much more.

For students living in shared accommodation a number of beanbags can create a wonderful social environment for everybody to relax in and interact with each other. Instead of sitting around tables in a formal manner the informality of beanbags allows everyone to socialise in comfort.

That goes for students that regularly host parties, too. Beanbags are a fantastic talking point and a brilliant way for students to socialise with each other. They’re also good for students that throw rowdier parties – landlords won’t be happy if their chairs get full of wine stains and broken…

Having a beanbag is also a good long-term investment for students and parents alike. Beanbags are incredibly practical pieces of kit. A student with a beanbag can take it with them with ease if they have to regularly move premises or travel, and parents get to keep their chairs at home!

The sheer range of options that beanbags provide means that all students will find them useful, no matter where they’re living or what subject they’re studying. Flexible, practical, attractive, and cost-effective the right beanbag can make a really positive impact in students’ lives.

To find out more about beanbags and how to create a comfortable student property with affordable beanbags that create a wonderful creative atmosphere visit Great Bean Bags.

Pre-School Years: Dealing with Separation Anxiety

Some parents are very lucky to have toddlers who are more than willing to walk straight inside a classroom and are very eager to socialize with kids their age. There are also parents who have to deal with children’s separation anxiety and must find ways to ensure that they will be ready for this new and exciting experience.

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Soon as you decide that your little boy or girl will be attending preschool, talk to him or her about the wonderful place you have found. Tell your child about exciting experiences that they may learn from this place and the kids they can meet and play with when they start preschool. 
You can ask permission from your chosen preschool to visit and observe with your child. Introduce her or him to the teacher and staff, allow him or her to play with other kids so that they will become familiar with the environment.

If you still worry about your child throwing tantrums when she starts preschool, ask the school if they can allow you to stay awhile for the first few days. Spend a few minutes until she becomes comfortable and when you leave, reassure her that you will come back. Work on becoming a part of the background quickly so that your child can adjust, learn and start developing her independence. During difficult times, point out all the fun things that she can do with her fellow kids at preschool and guide her toward her teacher. Make your goodbye short, sweet and reassuring. Soon you and your child will be able to adjust to your absence and manage things on her own. 

Lockers are Essential for Every Home, Office and Factory Worker

The ways in which businesses and their employees work is changing rapidly, but for the home-based lone worker, the remote worker or the employee who works alongside hundreds of colleagues in an office or factory environment, security is equally essential.

Regardless of working habits or industry type, every employee shares a common need for security and one of the most effective, simple and cost-efficient solutions is a lockable cupboard or cabinet.

Home Workers:

The recession has triggered a major change in the way that people work, most notably, those who shrug off a redundancy or lack of employment opportunities to show real entrepreneurial spirit and start working for themselves.

The number of people who are now self-employed in the UK has risen dramatically since the crash of 2008/09. The majority of people who have launched their own start-ups work from home and now account for 15% of the total labour force in Britain.

While the refusal of individuals to be beaten by the economic downturn is inspiring, those who work from home may find themselves more likely to be targeted by thieves or face greater life disruption in the event of a fire.

Although home insurance policies are available for home workers, preventing equipment and materials from theft or fire is the best way to safeguard a small business.

Lockers provide the perfect affordable and secure solution. Available in a variety of sizes, weights and styles, lockers which secure equipment, merchandise or other materials are vital for anyone wanting to safeguard their new-found self-employment.

Remote Workers:

With the recovery of the economy, more businesses are looking at innovative ways to recruit the best personnel which are not necessarily those available locally.

To capitalise on the vast number of high-calibre employees who are looking for work, businesses are now offering remote or satellite locations for their staff to work from.

These may be purpose-made office spaces for sole use or hot-desks allocated within a larger office for ad-hoc use. Both the employer and the employee benefit from remote working because individuals can work flexibly, unhindered by distance or time-zones.

For those individuals, lockers provide the essential security and peace of mind that their hardware, intellectual property and personal belongings are not at risk of being stolen, misplaced or accidentally damaged.

Office and Factory Workers:

For those who work in a large scale operation such as a call-centre or factory, there are real advantages to having access to a lockable cabinet.

Aside from the advantages of making sure that all business related equipment and personal belongings are kept secure, a simple locker helps employees to keep their workspace free of clutter.

This can make any work environment organised, efficient and a pleasant space to focus and carry out tasks in, but more importantly, can effectively reduce the potential for workplace accidents.

Specialist lockers which meet COSHH safety requirements ensure that any hazardous materials are secured, while large volume lockers provide ample storage for workwear which gives employees a suitable space to store all of the clothing and equipment they need to work safely in.

To find the perfect locker or secure storage solutions for your home or office needs, contact the UK’s supplier of workplace equipment at Rapid Racking.

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Various facts and reasons to choose vinyl lettering and wall sayings

Are you looking for ways to decorate your house and office? Well, I feel everyone can hang pictures and photographs which you will find in every house. To be frank nowadays hanging pictures and photographs on the walls is a common phenomenon and honestly speaking it is getting quite boring, isn’t it, same method of decoration in every home.

Before a year I was trying desperately to redecorate my house as my eyes were tired looking at the same d├ęcor for such a long time. I started searching for new and unique ways through which I could actually redecorate my house without spending loads of money on redecoration and also it should be something exceptional. At this time I came across what is known as vinyl lettering which I actually opted for redecorating my place.

What is vinyl lettering?

Many of you guys must know about the whole concept of vinyl lettering and wall sayings as the demand of this wall decoration technique is increasing day by day. For those of you who are not much familiar with this concept let me tell you in simple words what is all about this type of wall lettering and sayings. While discussing about vinyl saying and lettering I must tell you this point which I found online is that apart from decorating the walls of your home you can also use lettering and sayings for various other purposes.There are even wall quotes for children rooms and many of these quotes or sayings are inspirational and motivational.  You can easily decorate your office with these wall sayings and lettering. Along with office you can also decorate your vehicle and give them a different looks altogether.

Where to purchase vinyl lettering?

There is large magicwall quotes collection as well as various ways of knowing about vinyl lettering but the easiest of all is searching it on the internet media. I found about vinyl wall sayings from online in the first place. It got me interested and searched for more information about this form of decorating the walls and in turn give a new look to the house. You can get all the information you want on wall vinyl lettering as there are several sites which are dedicated on the same topic and will help you out with your doubts and queries about sticking vinyl wall s sayings on your walls.

Wondering where to go to buy these wall stickers?  You can easily surf the internet and look at the various internet shopping sites selling vinyl wall sayings sitting at home. Yes this is this simple. You will find various shopping sites from which you can select the one whose price and quality suits you. There are online wall sticker catalogues given in the shopping portals from which you can choose the ones you like and buy them with ease. Make sure you buy the size correctly. You can also get these lettering and stickers in various departmental stores and craft stores but online shopping sites give you a larger collection guaranteed.

How to apply vinyl wall sayings on your walls?

Vinyl lettering is very easy to apply on your walls. If you still want to be sure then you can get the steps of applying wall lettering and sayings from the various websites online. First and foremost you will have to remove all kinds of dirt, dust, oil and grime from the wall where you want to stick your wall sayings and letters. The process is same as putting up stickers on your walls.

The vinyl wall sayings come with a back paper which prevents the adhesive attached to the wall stickers to stick in any other objects. Carefully peel off the back paper of the sayings and place it gently on the wall, on the exact place. You can use a cloth or credit card to apply pressure so that the glue is stuck evenly in every place.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Classic Dining Rooms From Around the World

The heart of any home is truly its dining room. This is the room where the family gathers around the table with loved ones to eat a delicious meal, and make lasting memories. If you need some inspiration for decorating and furnishing the heart of your home, take some design cues from some of these great dining rooms from across the globe.

Holyrood Palace Dining_Room by Saffron Blaze -

Mountain Splendor

The dining room at Yosemite Lodge at the Falls, in California's Yosemite National Park is set in the picturesque backdrop of nearby Yosemite Falls. The natural waterworks tower over the lodge at a height of nearly 2,500 feet. The custom wood furniture, with its warm orange hues, perfectly complements the lodge's interior design of exposed beams and wood walls stretching towards the ceiling. Bright windows, left unadorned without curtains, let in plenty of natural light. Chairs are simple and sturdy, and evoke feelings of the mission style of design.

Southwest Style

The Anasazi Restaurant and Bar at the Rosewood Inn in Santa Fe, New Mexico, is a reminder of the New Mexico people that lived in this area long before modern settlers arrived. Custom wood furniture from Toronto like the tables and chairs in a distressed western wood style compliment the adobe-style walls and decorations. Thick wood and thatch shutters keep out the light to make a cozy and intimate setting for diners. Natural stone highlights and rough-hewn timber beams evoke feelings of an Indian lodge house from ancient times. 

An English Treat

The Harwood Arms pub, in London's Walham Groveneighborhood is the quintessential U.K. pub setting. Beautiful but simple wood tables and chairs, placed close together in the wide expanse of the dining room ensure that the venue is always filled with the voices and laughter of people enjoying their food and drink. Muted tones of gray and blue accent the white walls and arched ceilings, and adjacent windows let in streams of light from the nearby street.

No matter what your style, your dining room can be decorated to fit whatever feeling you are trying to capture. Much of the style can be accomplished simply through the right choice of furniture type and finish. Companies like Jamco Wood Products Ltd are able to custom design wood furniture which can be ordered in a variety of different styles to suit your taste, and with custom finishes, the sky is the limit in terms of personalizing your furniture to fit the space.

Wednesday, August 06, 2014

DepEd Releases List of School Holidays for 2015

In conformity with Presidential Proclamation No. 831, the Department of Education, Philippines announced last August 4, 2014 the calendar schedule of regular holidays, special holidays and special non-working holidays for all schools for the year 2015.

DepEd Secretary Armin Luistro said that -“Information crucial to planning should be distributed with urgency; it steers decision-making functions and policies to their most efficient positions. It is a way to ensure that we are proactive in delivering the education agenda.” The list will guide both private and public schools in planning their academic calendars.

Image credits: PublicDomainPictures -

The list of holidays are as follows:

New Year’s Day  - 1 January (Thursday)
Maundy Thursday - 2 April
Good Friday - 3 April
Araw ng Kagitingan - 9 April (Thursday)
Labor Day - 1 May (Friday)
Independence Day - 12 June (Friday)
National Heroes Day - 31 August (Last Monday of August)
Bonifacio Day - 30 November (Monday)
Christmas Day - 25 December (Friday)
Rizal Day - 30 December (Wednesday)

Chinese New Year - 19 February (Thursday)
Black Saturday - 4 April
Ninoy Aquino Day - 21 August (Friday)
All Saints Day - 1 November (Sunday)
Special non-working days - 2 January (Friday)

EDSA Revolution Anniversary - 25 February (Wednesday)

The National Commission on Muslim Filipinos (NCMF) will issue and announce the observance of Eid’l Fitr and Eidul Adha at a later date.


Saturday, August 02, 2014

Why Choose Granite for your Kitchen Countertop

Kitchen counter or work tops can be considered as one of the most used and abused part of the kitchen. This is where you place the things you need, the ingredients that you will use and you even do most of your food preparations here. It is only practical to use the most durable and easy to maintain material for your work tops. Granite is one of the recommended materials for a kitchen countertop because of it amazing characteristics and affordable price range. So when it’s time for a kitchen upgrade or a renovation, consider these characteristics and see why granite is the most ideal worktop material for your kitchen.

Granite tiles can give your kitchen that classy and modern feel, but more than its aesthetic appeal, it is also very durable and needs very low maintenance. Granite is scratch and stain resistant plus it is easy to clean making it the ideal choice for your kitchen worktop. You will notice that granite is also being used by restaurants and other business establishments and they truly give off that elegant look and feel. This material is also available in different unique color and patterns to suit any combination for your home. You can also match your tabletops, backsplash and wall cladding with granite trimmings for decorative purposes.