Kit your student accommodation out with fun bean bags

For a lot of students the chance to let off some steam and play as hard as they work is too good to resist. Students may be typecast as party animals, but their studies are a serious investment for their future lives and careers.

Whether at their first-year accommodation – catered, self-catered, or otherwise – or in their own rented property students need to stamp their own identity on where they’re currently living to feel at home, work effectively, and host their friends.

Student accommodation isn’t cheap, and for the majority of students it’s a cost that they constantly have to keep their eye on to get the most out of not just their studies, but their freedom as a student, too.

Furniture can be pricey, especially if the landlord in question expects their student tenants to invest in their own furnishings. Luckily there’s an affordable and creative solution that students from all backgrounds can take advantage of – beanbags.

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Beanbags don’t come in one single design. There are thousands of beanbags available in a huge range of colours, materials, shapes, sizes, and more. There’s a beanbag for everybody, for the student that wants one as a simple chair to the student that wants a large one to slump in to revise.

Students love beanbags because of their affordability, versatility, and practicality. There’s a beanbag suitable for any and every occasion, and can make a brilliant alternative to expensive sofas and chairs.

A comfortable beanbag is a great way for students to do creative work on. Away from their usual work environment at their university students can relax on a beanbag to do coursework, revise, work on creative projects, and much more.

For students living in shared accommodation a number of beanbags can create a wonderful social environment for everybody to relax in and interact with each other. Instead of sitting around tables in a formal manner the informality of beanbags allows everyone to socialise in comfort.

That goes for students that regularly host parties, too. Beanbags are a fantastic talking point and a brilliant way for students to socialise with each other. They’re also good for students that throw rowdier parties – landlords won’t be happy if their chairs get full of wine stains and broken…

Having a beanbag is also a good long-term investment for students and parents alike. Beanbags are incredibly practical pieces of kit. A student with a beanbag can take it with them with ease if they have to regularly move premises or travel, and parents get to keep their chairs at home!

The sheer range of options that beanbags provide means that all students will find them useful, no matter where they’re living or what subject they’re studying. Flexible, practical, attractive, and cost-effective the right beanbag can make a really positive impact in students’ lives.

To find out more about beanbags and how to create a comfortable student property with affordable beanbags that create a wonderful creative atmosphere visit Great Bean Bags.


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