Pre-School Years: Dealing with Separation Anxiety

Some parents are very lucky to have toddlers who are more than willing to walk straight inside a classroom and are very eager to socialize with kids their age. There are also parents who have to deal with children’s separation anxiety and must find ways to ensure that they will be ready for this new and exciting experience.

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Soon as you decide that your little boy or girl will be attending preschool, talk to him or her about the wonderful place you have found. Tell your child about exciting experiences that they may learn from this place and the kids they can meet and play with when they start preschool. 
You can ask permission from your chosen preschool to visit and observe with your child. Introduce her or him to the teacher and staff, allow him or her to play with other kids so that they will become familiar with the environment.

If you still worry about your child throwing tantrums when she starts preschool, ask the school if they can allow you to stay awhile for the first few days. Spend a few minutes until she becomes comfortable and when you leave, reassure her that you will come back. Work on becoming a part of the background quickly so that your child can adjust, learn and start developing her independence. During difficult times, point out all the fun things that she can do with her fellow kids at preschool and guide her toward her teacher. Make your goodbye short, sweet and reassuring. Soon you and your child will be able to adjust to your absence and manage things on her own. 


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