Easy Puppy Proofing Tips to Use in Your Home

When you’ve got a new puppy to bring home, you might find yourself at lost on how you can puppy proof your home and ensure your new pup’s safety. It is basically like bringing a new baby home, what can harm your baby will surely harm your puppy too. Here’s a few tips to help you start up your puppy proofing project at home.

Start with clearing and keeping your household cleaning products including those toxic substances away from your puppy’s reach. Like toddlers, puppies tend to be curious and they want to try, feel and taste anything. Tall cabinets or top shelves are ideal places for keeping toxic items such as insecticides, detergents, rat poison and other cleaning products.

Watch out for electrical cords and other choking hazards – keep them out of your chewers, if you can’t raise them, get a rug that you can place over these electrical wires and chords. Also beware of indoor plants. Some plants can be harmful to animals when ingested so find out which should be removed and which stays.

Choose your puppy toys wisely. There are sponge and rubber toys which may be easily chewed out and swallowed. Don’t give them old clothing or shoes to play on as this will only develop bad chewing habits in your pup. It is recommended to buy edible chew bones to keep them busy and not to chew on your home furniture. 

Don’t get too excited having a new puppy around and overlook every hazards in your home. Take note of items which can cause illness or injury. Do not also forget to bring your puppy to a licensed veterinarian or animal clinic for its needed vaccines and immunization.  

Moreover, start training your new dog while young. Enjoy the happy times together with your new pet.


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