Classic Dining Rooms From Around the World

The heart of any home is truly its dining room. This is the room where the family gathers around the table with loved ones to eat a delicious meal, and make lasting memories. If you need some inspiration for decorating and furnishing the heart of your home, take some design cues from some of these great dining rooms from across the globe.

Holyrood Palace Dining_Room by Saffron Blaze -

Mountain Splendor

The dining room at Yosemite Lodge at the Falls, in California's Yosemite National Park is set in the picturesque backdrop of nearby Yosemite Falls. The natural waterworks tower over the lodge at a height of nearly 2,500 feet. The custom wood furniture, with its warm orange hues, perfectly complements the lodge's interior design of exposed beams and wood walls stretching towards the ceiling. Bright windows, left unadorned without curtains, let in plenty of natural light. Chairs are simple and sturdy, and evoke feelings of the mission style of design.

Southwest Style

The Anasazi Restaurant and Bar at the Rosewood Inn in Santa Fe, New Mexico, is a reminder of the New Mexico people that lived in this area long before modern settlers arrived. Custom wood furniture from Toronto like the tables and chairs in a distressed western wood style compliment the adobe-style walls and decorations. Thick wood and thatch shutters keep out the light to make a cozy and intimate setting for diners. Natural stone highlights and rough-hewn timber beams evoke feelings of an Indian lodge house from ancient times. 

An English Treat

The Harwood Arms pub, in London's Walham Groveneighborhood is the quintessential U.K. pub setting. Beautiful but simple wood tables and chairs, placed close together in the wide expanse of the dining room ensure that the venue is always filled with the voices and laughter of people enjoying their food and drink. Muted tones of gray and blue accent the white walls and arched ceilings, and adjacent windows let in streams of light from the nearby street.

No matter what your style, your dining room can be decorated to fit whatever feeling you are trying to capture. Much of the style can be accomplished simply through the right choice of furniture type and finish. Companies like Jamco Wood Products Ltd are able to custom design wood furniture which can be ordered in a variety of different styles to suit your taste, and with custom finishes, the sky is the limit in terms of personalizing your furniture to fit the space.


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