Friday, September 28, 2012

The New SSS ID

The Philippine Social Security System is now issuing the new Unified Multipurpose Identification System or "UMID" cards free to first time applicants. Government agencies like the Government Service Insurance System (GSIS), Home Development Mutual Fund (Pag-IBIG) and Philippine Health Insurance Corporation have joined the UMID system, which will provide more people reap its benefits as it will give uncomplicated and convenient transaction for members.

My eldest son applied for the new ID, and it took two months before it was delivered right at our doorsteps. 

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Common Writing Problems… And How to Solve Them

Writing an essay, summary, or article is not an easy thing. Writing is a complex process that involves many facets. Thus, many students struggle with writing. But many places, both on campus and off, offer services to help students with their writing. Find your essay writer on ThePensters. Online locations, such as Scholar Advisor, offer a list of tips for students through a writing guide. They highlight common writing mistakes that people make, and explain how to prevent or fix these errors. 

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Monday, September 24, 2012

UP Pep Squad reigns UAAP Cheerdance Competition 2012 for 3rd Year in a Row

The University of the Philippines (UP) Pep Squad bags the championship in the UAAP Cheerdance Competition 2012 for the third straight year held at the SM Mall of Asia Arena on Saturday, September 22, 2012. 

UP Maroons Pep Squad

 It may not be a flawless routine due to the mishaps in the closing stages wherein a fall marred the last stunt, yet still UP Pep Squad outperformed their rivals because of the outstanding overall rendition and execution. The difficult and breathtaking performance of aerial stunts and transitions earned the nod of the judges. 

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

How to look after contact lenses

Contact lenses are a godsend for anyone who ever needed their vision correcting but felt that there wasn’t a pair of glasses they wanted to wear – but they need to be looked after correctly, otherwise you’ll wish you’d simply taken the easier option. Cleaning and disinfecting contact lenses is a crucial part of their use – here are some tips on how to do it properly, efficiently and safely.

1. It’s not just about the cleaning and disinfecting of contact lenses when they’re not in use; you need to ensure that your hands, when applying them, have been thoroughly washed using soap or another disinfectant, and then towelled dry. You don’t want bacteria or residues from your cleaning products to linger on your hands and then be transferred, via contact lenses, to your eyes.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A Mom’s choice for family’s skin care, the Cetaphil care

My mom frequently reminds me that no matter what your age is, skin tone or skin type, skin care is one the most important components of natural beauty.  Aside from preparing and serving nutritious food, keeping the home clean, and keeping the family fit, we should not forget to take care of the family’s skin not just to look good but to bring and keep up with an overall health.

All these years, Cetaphil has become a part of our family’s skin care regimen. The skin product I trust in tackling skin issues from diaper rashes, acne problems to dry skin. For over 60 years, it has been tried, tested and recommended by both dermatologists and pediatricians worldwide. Although I sometimes try other skin cleansers and moisturizers, I always get back to using Cetaphil for our family’s use.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

How to encourage kids to instill a love for reading

There are many ways how to encourage children cultivate their reading habits.  We as parents are the ones responsible in teaching them to make reading be a part of their daily routine. We need to start motivating them while they are young.

To begin with, introduce reading as a fun activity. For toddlers who are pre-readers the use of pop-up books or musical books will not only act as their mode of entertainment but as a mode of learning as well.  Give time to tell stories about what the book is all about by showing the pictures and sequence of events through every page. Doing this on a daily basis will encourage them to develop their love for reading. 

Friday, September 14, 2012

Environmental benefits of safe disposal of waste

Why should industry bother safely disposing of waste?  What are the environmental benefits? And how does it affect me?

The answer is in many ways, some you might not have considered. If your travel plans have ever been foiled due to a smog alert, you might unwittingly have been the victim of sloppy waste disposal. Smog occurs not only as a by-product of transportation emissions, but also from the output of factories not engaging proper, environmentally friendly waste management strategies.

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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Who is the Prosperous Student?

A prosperous student, my son JM
Being successful in college requires a completely different set of habits than those of a high school student. Where high school involves students being fed information and completing some homework outside of class, college requires students to gain most of their information independently through reading, research, and other projects. The habits you use during your first semester can be a great indicator of your level of success throughout the rest of your degree program. So who is the prosperous student? Let’s take a look at some of the defining characteristics of the most successful college students?

The prosperous student does not declare a major until he is sure.

Many people enter college without having chosen a major. If you are not sure, do not choose a major until you are. You can spend the first semester, or even the first year, taking core classes that are required of all graduates. If you pressure yourself to choose a major right away and change your mind later, you will waste valuable time and money on unnecessary classes. In addition, you may find that the wasted time causes you to spend more than four years to get a degree. 

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Essential tips to keep your home fire safe

Enjoy the comforts of your home by making it a safer place for you and your family. We can prevent home fire disaster by following these essential tips.

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As a general rule every home should have an available fire extinguisher especially in the kitchen where fire commonly starts. We need to do cooking with care. Never leave cooking food unattended on the stove. Keep curtains, potholders, kitchen towels and anything that could catch fire away from your cooking area. Position the fire extinguisher where it could be easily seen in your kitchen.  You may visit fire extinguishers from fire protection online to learn more on the right size and type you will need.  

Thursday, September 06, 2012

Cleaning 101: Stash Your Stuff

The use of the smart storage solution will take control clutter inside your house.  We can organize things in an inexpensive way by recycling and using available things we can find in our household to put everything in place.

The use of bookshelves to organize books 

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Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Chocolate Marquise with Crème Brûlée Surprise

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This sumptuous dessert could be found in any top restaurant like redhot-worldbuffet, made to perfection, but it’s also surprisingly easy to create from your own kitchen. Whether it’s for an anniversary or just a quiet night in, it’s the perfect way to end a great evening. Here’s how to make it yourself: 

Planning for your loved ones’ future

Later on in life, you’ll want to make sure that both you and your loved ones are financially secure. You want to make sure that, at the very least, you can afford the basics, and, when you eventually pass away, your family is well looked after. Buying an annuity helps enormously with that, although there are a few pitfalls worth avoiding when it comes to choosing death benefits, especially when it comes to payments made to the taxman.  

Embellish and organize your kitchen with kitchen cabinets

The kitchen is one of the most frequently used rooms in every home where meal preparation and cooking is done. The family’s good health and happiness is linked to this important part of the house. A spotless and beautiful kitchen will add zest for your family to enjoy their meals. If you plan to remodel and give your kitchen a cleaner, fresher and modish look, then countertops, appliances and most importantly kitchen cabinets should be well considered as it will create a major bearing on the outcome of your project.  


Monday, September 03, 2012

Yahmir now a teen, what to expect?

Yahmir, the youngest among my two sons has just celebrated his 13th birthday last August 12, 2012.  I am now once again parenting a child on a challenging period - an in-between stage of neither a child nor an adult. It is in this period where dramatic changes in behavior occur as per experienced with my eldest son, JM. 

Yahmir at 13

Popular Blooms From Around the World

Flowers are more than just ornamental or aesthetically pleasing, to many horticulturalists they are their passion and their livelihood. 

As a species we have been historically preoccupied with beauty and this goes for anything man made or from within the natural world and flowers especially have been used to reflect our love for visual splendour. 

Some blooms have had a lot more credit given to them than others and here is a list of some of the more popular flowers from around the world:

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