The New SSS ID

The Philippine Social Security System is now issuing the new Unified Multipurpose Identification System or "UMID" cards free to first time applicants. Government agencies like the Government Service Insurance System (GSIS), Home Development Mutual Fund (Pag-IBIG) and Philippine Health Insurance Corporation have joined the UMID system, which will provide more people reap its benefits as it will give uncomplicated and convenient transaction for members.

My eldest son applied for the new ID, and it took two months before it was delivered right at our doorsteps. 

Any SSS member can file and avail of the new ID, just fill up the form E-6 using black ink then submit it to the nearest SSS Office that has facilities for SSS ID data capture. You also need to submit documentary requirements together with the form E-6, so bring along any of the primary documents, such as:
·         Passport
·         Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) card
·         Seaman's book

In the absence of any of these documents, the applicant may present any two of the following documents, provided at least one document contains the applicant's photograph:

·         Driver's license
·         Valid National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) clearance
·         School or company ID
·         Postal ID
·         Senior citizen card
·         Major credit card
·         Voter's ID
·         Savings account passbook
·         Alien certificate of registration
·         Government Service Insurance System (GSIS) member's record
·         Certification from the Office of Southern/Northern Cultural Communities or Office of Muslim Affairs
·         Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) card

Upon submission of your application, the SSS office will obtain your personal data - your fingerprints, facial image, signature, and personal identification number which will be electronically recorded for transfer to your new ID card. The ID card will be processed within 30 days and will be mailed to the address you specified in the form E-6.

As it is issued free for first-time applicants, a replacement fee will be charged in cases of lost ID card or when the ID card is damaged.


  1.  ganda ng bagong SSS id...kano kaya bayad kpag gus2 ko pagawa new ID =)

  2. This reminds me, I need to get a new SSS ID! :))

  3. Thanks for sharing these info Ate Joy! Mabilis na pala ngayon kase your son got his  ID in 2 months. This is surely an important thing to have.

  4. I have the old SSS card but the new one looks way better.  Maybe I should have mine replaced.

  5. hope everything gets better aside from the Id? Muy Guapito en litrato! hihi Seriously though, it's commendable that the SSS is taking changes, this could be a start...

  6. I want to apply for  this new SSS ID. I have my old one and since I   'm not working anymore, I would like to update my status. Last time my husband inquired for my contributions, my ex-job remitted only up to January 2004 but I resigned March 2008. I still don't have any idea as to how I can update my premiums.

  7. Just got mine and I look terrible on it lol Won't be showing that ID to anyone unless really needed :)

  8. Thanks for the info Mommy. My in-laws applied for the SSS ID last year and it took them almost a year to receive it. I am yet to apply for my new ID, my old one was still in my maiden name. 

    How will they know your Pag-ibig and Phil Health number? 

  9. hmm.. i want to have that new one. it looks better. hehe.. hope we'll have time to process it in case we go home this christmas.

  10. I got mine too. It takes only 2 months since I applied for this new SSS ID. I am eager to have it this Christmas Holidays. I am very excited! You guys should have this new one too...

  11. I changed my status last february 2013,'t ngayon wala pa ang id ko,...Davao Branch po ako naregister....bakit ang tagal?yung first id ko not more than 4months lang nasent na sa bahay namin....grrr!i'm disappointed!

  12. sakin nga sss id ko 3 years na dipa dumarating sabi daw ng sss palawan wala padaw dumating,,,pero bakit ganun kaya,,,sana naman dumating na,,,thanks,,

  13. Mary Love Rose G. PacotSeptember 12, 2013 at 5:42 PM

    meron na akong ID but when i compared my card to my colleague, i found out that the CRN indicated in the ID is also her SSS Number but mine is different...


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