Chocolate Marquise with Crème Brûlée Surprise

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This sumptuous dessert could be found in any top restaurant like redhot-worldbuffet, made to perfection, but it’s also surprisingly easy to create from your own kitchen. Whether it’s for an anniversary or just a quiet night in, it’s the perfect way to end a great evening. Here’s how to make it yourself: 

Crème Brûlée Surprise ingredients:
·         500ml single cream
·         150g sugar
·         25ml vanilla essence
·         Six fresh egg yolks

First, roughly blend the egg yolks and sugar. Meanwhile, bring the single cream to the boil, adding the vanilla essence in the process. Then, add the boiled cream into the egg mixture until it has a creamy yellow colour and the sugar has dissolved. Any foam on the surface should be removed carefully with a spatula.
After the mixture has become consistent, pour it into a silicon mould, and bake at 110C for 40 minutes. Once it’s cooked, transfer the crème brûlée to the freezer until it’s set to your liking.

Chocolate Marquise ingredients:
·         350g belcolade chocolate
·         225g unsalted butter
·         800g fresh whole eggs
·         180g sugar
·         50g plain refined flour

Line a baking tin with aluminium foil while preheating the oven to 140C. Meanwhile, melt the dark chocolate and butter, then blend together until they form a consistent mixture. Then, beat the eggs with sugar until they reach full volume.

Afterwards, add the flour to the chocolate/butter mixture and then gently fold the eggs into the chocolate. Then, place the mixture into pre-lined moulds and bake for 30-35 minutes. When cooked, leave the sponge to cool. Don’t worry too much if the mixture sinks in the centre, as it’s perfectly normal.

Chocolate Marquise Mousse ingredients:
·         250g egg yolks
·         200g sugar
·         50ml water
·         20ml lemon juice
·         375 dark melted chocolate
·         75g butter
·         400g double cream for whipping
·         100g sugar

Using a small mixing bowl, whip the eggs at an intermediate speed. In a non-stick pan, mix the water, 200g of sugar and lemon juice at a temperature of 122C until it forms a soft ball. Once it’s formed, add it to the egg yolks while they’re being whipped, and then increase the speed until the mixture is thick, foamy and pale.

As far as the cream is concerned, mix with the sugar using another bowl. Then, melt the butter and add to the chocolate and blend until the mixture is smooth and consistent. After that, fold the egg mixture into the chocolate to form the mousse, which should have soft peaks.

Assembling the cake:
Prepare the soaking syrup using 100ml of whisky, 500ml of water and 100g of sugar. Then, press the centre of the marquise sponge gently, and pipe out some of the mousse mixture into the hollow of each sponge until level. Then, after removing the crème brûlée from the freezer, set in the centre of the ring and then place on top of the sponge.

Next, carefully cover the crème brûlée with the remaining mousse, creating rough peaks with a palate knife. Then, carefully place the cake into the freezer, ensuring that the mousse sets perfectly. To serve, remove from the freezer, decorate with cocoa powder and place a garnish of chocolate hearts or strawberry halves. Leave until cool and then enjoy


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