Bringing Home The Bacon

March, 2011 is a month full of surprises for our family. My two sons reaped the fruit of their hard work.

JM, my eldest son was immediately hired for work after his graduation last May, 2010.  He became a regular employee after his six months probationary period on November 2010.  Last week of February, 2011, the company offered their employees an in-house job opening for a higher position.  He is very much interested to try his luck but having second thoughts. He asked for our opinion if he will pursue or not.  His Dad and I advised and encouraged him to go on with his endeavor. Opportunity knocks only once, and there’s nothing to lose if he doesn’t get the position he will still be employed.  He took the written exams, passed it and made it up to the final panel interview.  He got the job! From Level 3 Technical Support Representative, he was promoted to Level 5 Technical Support Representative.  On the 10th month of his employment he already got his job elevation.  One event that needs a family celebration J

Yahmir, my youngest son, garnered the Third Rank/Honors in the grade 5 elementary level for this school year.  Actually, we were not expecting it anymore, for his contender is just a point away from his total grades. We were happy for Yahmir that he was able to reach the ceiling grade to vie for honors, and that is already an achievement to be proud of.  The scope for the final exams per subject is too long and difficult, which needs a lot of memorization and studying.  Anyway, he really did his best, I know and I can feel that deep inside he is eager and aiming for the award.  I was really surprised to receive a call from his adviser informing me that I need to go to school for a formal notification about Yahmir’s achievement.  He made it!  I saw his final test results, and I was amazed that he really had perfect scores in some of his subjects and a few mistakes on the rest. He tied with his contender. The principal explained to me that they intended not to break the tie for they both deserve the honors. This good news calls for another family celebration. J

Two great triumphs in a row!  We, their parents were really so touched, gratified, and honored.  Our Congratulations to you JM and Yahmir for bringing home the bacon!  Keep it up Boys!


  1. congratulations...:) salamat po sa comment regarding ta prohm temple! i also hope that so my kids can still the beauty of it...PinayMum - Mommy's Life Around...visiting you with smile and happy thoughts! have a great friday! :)

  2. Grabeh, I can feel how proud you are of your boys. Congratulations to your whole family as these successes weren't just because of them, Yahmir and JM, but also because of how you raised them and encouraged them. *hugs*

    Burger, burger, burger... sa Tagaytay!? LOL

  3. Wow, whatta great month :) Congrats to the whole family!

  4. Thank you guys! i am very happy and proud to the max! lol

  5. galing naman very happy kami para sa achievement ni micki at yahmir!

  6. Wow! You must be one proud mommy. Congrats to both of them.

    **RE:My Boys
    Yes, They were both circumsized a day after they were born para kasama na sa insurance,otherwise, if i waited pa for them to get older, it'll cost more than$1k, and yeah, too painful for them too. :)

  7. Thank you guys! i am very happy and proud to the max! lol

  8. thanks sis eihdra *hugs*

  9. ay sis hehe, salamat


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