Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid

There are times that some things are better left unsaid, better left unspoken. 

As we get mad, we often say things not really intended to be said. If you’re too angry to think rationally, remove yourself from the situation. Give yourself a few quiet minutes alone to cool down. The more you understand your own temper, the more you will understand why people get mad, and the better your reactions to anger will be.

Advises are great, if the person welcomes it.  We should refrain from giving unsolicited advices.  If a friend asks for it, then that is the time to share and extend your views and opinions.

In business meetings with associates or clients, keep your thoughts to yourself first. Wait for the proper time or situation where you can speak out your ideas and suggestions.  In client meetings stick to the important matters to be discussed. Be aware that you are consuming both of your precious time.

Being talkative doesn’t necessarily mean that you are being friendly.  Sometimes, too much word lessens your credibility.  More talking applies to a sales person.

It is a normal scenario in parties, celebrations and occasions that we often loose-lipped, especially with our friends around.  We became very vocal due to excitement and happiness. Yet, we have to be mindful if we are already excessively communicative. lol

Keep in mind that “less talk makes less mistakes” Just my two cents J


  1. very true, it happens to me and ashamed after!

  2. yikes... madaldal pa naman ako...
    Lovin your tips,mommy joy!

  3. I can really be a biatch when I open my mouth. I tend to say what I feel and think, usually getting me into trouble or hurting other people. Though I do love that part of me, I still manage to keep it under control.

    When I'm mad, I keep quiet. Unlike most people, when I'm fuming with anger, I think more clearly so if I speak, my words will really cut deep. My close friends know me too well to not push or force me to speak when I'm mad. They know we'll both regret letting me speak. Di ko mapreno, promise. Hahaha.

    About the advice-giving, I'm a bit sensitive about that, too, 'cause when I open up to other people, I usually am just looking for someone to take it all in or listen without judging me or telling me what I should do,'cause most of the time, I already know what to do. I just need to let it all out. Hehehe.

    Okay, this comment is too long na. Parang blog post. Hahaha. I just agree with you here, obviously. :)

  4. i totally agree! it's a good thing im a quite person, an introvert and anti-social. ^_^

  5. Air, hihi, di ba mapigil? so am I at times.

    Peachkins, thanks dear! pls. keep coming back :)

    BlankPixels, your comment is well appreciated! welcome back Idol!

  6. hello Santelmo! my eldest son JM is an introvert too :)

  7. I Super Agree!!! Well said Mommy Joy. Just this morning as I was going through my rounds of web news, I found some irritating and blasphemous comments about God. I posted about it. Reading your post about some things are better left unsaid (AND UNWRITTEN) is really apt.

    God Bless,
    Ria C

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  8. very well said...first time here and i'm loving your thoughts, following you in facebook! visiting you thru the bloggers exchange program!

    PinayMum - Mommy's Life Around... wishing you a great weekend! :)

  9. Hello!sis Ria, just visited your Home is where the heart is, i left a comment there too! hihi, thanks for the visit once again.

    Hi Cheerful! thanks for dropping by, feel free to keep coming back :)
    i visited your blog and followed your networked blogs, left a comment there too! Happy weekened!

  10. completely agree here, mommy Joy. minsan ako pag galit talagang nakakapagbitiw ng masakit na salita then later pagsisisihan ko! kaya it's really safe to control your temper and emotions than to hurt someone and later regret it.

    thanks for the visit mommy!

  11. visiting here :)
    what you've posted is very true, mas mabuti pa manahimik kesa lumala pa ang situation :)

  12. Sometimes it's better to keep quite but not all the time sis.:)

  13. You're welcome Mommy Trish! my pleasure!

    Dorothy, glad you visited me :)thanks

    Cecille, my blood sister, welcome back hehe

  14. Although I'm a talkative by nature but when I'm mad, I always opt to Silent Treatment because I don't want to say something that I might regret later on.

  15. Although I'm a talkative by nature but when I'm mad, I always opt to Silent Treatment because I don't want to say something that I might regret later on.

  16. I have a similar post about this one Mamu. It was posted in one of my not so known blog. And yes, I also mentioned the same... less talk, less mistakes.

  17. i completely agree. before talkative ako siguro ganun din yun base sa mga nakaka salamuha mong mga tao. Pero nung nakilala ko ang husband ko, he taught me na think first before i speak. Tama nga naman, less talk, less mistake.


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