Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Simple Snapshots: Background Ideas For Your Next Photoshoot

As your kids grow, and your life as a family evolves and changes, capturing precious moments before time flies by can become very important. One way many families do this is with annual or regular family photoshoots, bringing everyone together to create some great family memories that you’ll be able to cherish, and show off for years to come. Creating an interesting and meaningful background with your photoshoot without having it overpower the main focus (which is, of course, your family) can be tricky. Next time you’re planning a photoshoot, think about trying one of these backgrounds.


Nothing makes a more beautiful background than a picturesque location provided by Mother Nature. Whether it’s a park, a hiking trail, a lake or pond, or just your own back yard, getting outside with your photographer can help provide some really beautiful moments. With this selection, you’ll want to work with your photographer on finding a time and location with lighting that will work, as well as scheduling this on a day that the weather is going to cooperate with you!

Significant Family Location

One truly memorable way to go about creating a perfect photoshoot background is thinking of a place that is as significant to you and your family as the photos will be. Does your family go to the same place on vacation every year? Do you want to go back to where he proposed for your photoshoot? Maybe you’re thinking of getting a first family photo with your newborn and you want to return to the place where she told you the good news? Having a photo of the location and your family all in the same frame will make the photoshoot extra special!

Family Heirlooms or Furniture

While there is obviously going to be a focus on the family that is alive and well today, family photos can also be a great way to remember loved ones who have passed. If you’re looking for a way to incorporate a memory of a grandparent or ancestor who has passed, think about using heirlooms such as a beloved great-aunt’s rocking chair, or your father’s war medals as props or background pieces in the photo. It will honor them during the photoshoot, and it will provide a beautiful and loving memory of them every time you see the picture from here on out. You can get Heritage House furniture to arrange your antique pieces in the picture.

By using one of these ideas, or by using them as springboards for your own unique background inspirations, you're sure to make your next family photos extra special!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Important Questions to Ask during a Nanny Interview

A service of a Nanny is needed when both parents are working in corporate offices or managing a family business who usually have less time spent during the day in our homes to take care and cater the needs of our young kids. We need somebody whom we can entrust our little ones while we are out of the house. It is very hard to find a good and confident baby sitter nowadays, so it very important for us to pre-screen them very well before availing their services.

Before moving on to the interview portion, take a look on her credentials. For me these three records are very essential to be examined first before I proceed on to the interrogation part.
  • Resume 
  • Recent Police Clearance or NBI Clearance
  • Medical certificate

Here’s a list of important questions we should ask during a nanny interview.
  • When was your last employment on childcare or nanny job?
  • Why did you ended your services with your prior employer? Let her explain the reasons, from there you could already tell if she is truthful to her answers.
  • When was the last time you get sick? What illnesses did you get in the past years?
  • What are your experiences in caring for a child?
  • What would you do, if by chance my child hurt or hit you?
  • For how long are you willing to stay with us?
  • How would you resolve issues with children? What is your opinion about spanking in disciplining a child?
  • Do you own a cell phone? If yes, set your restrictions on cell phone usage during work hours.
  • How do you practice your personal hygiene? Do you take a bath daily? How often do you brush your teeth? – well this might be somewhat a bit offending to ask but it is important as she will be personally handling our kids.  Hygiene is a crucial factor that is needed to be discussed in my opinion.

As much as possible we have to hire a nanny who has experience in taking care of children, not necessarily years of experience but as long as she knows what she would be doing.

Have I missed a question? Feel free to add your additional suggestions in the comment form below.

Friday, April 11, 2014

How to Handle Entertainment For Your Wedding Reception

Even simple weddings require countless hours of careful planning today. Nobody would call the process itself simple by any means. These days, most couples choose to host a wedding reception after the actual wedding ceremony. Receptions are designed to thank attendees for being at the ceremony. Likewise, married couples are introduced to the public for the first time. Each reception demands tasty food, a beautiful venue, and entertainment. Handling the entertainment aspect isn't always easy.

image via en.wikipedia.org

For most receptions, the entertainment often amounts to wedding music. Some couples choose to play prerecorded music for the gathering. Such a decision often backfires because guests find it a little boring. Typically, recorded music is the cheapest solution, but it takes away from the magic of the party. Guests might lose interest in the festivities while listening to tracks that aren't live. Certain gatherings might even result in licensing fees for playing the music.

Simple Steps for Car Clutter Control

Some people treat their cars like a second home which also makes their car cluttered with stuff. When cars get over run with clutter, you are bound to get distracted while driving. The best way to deal with this is to come up with clutter control measures to keep things organized. You have to have a system to help keep your things within easy reach and avoid instances when you have to reach under the seats for something you really need. A car console organizer can keep your family things together. It can carry everything you need in single organized box stuff like cell phone chargers, water bottles, sun glasses, books or magazines which usually end up jumbled in the front seat.

image via amazon.com

Another simple clutter control you can apply in your car is to have a sturdy trash container. Avoid mixing your stuff with garbage that accumulates in your car by having a place for them too. You can find trash containers which can be strapped to the back seat or those which can fit between bucket seats. Just be sure to check this container once and a while so that you can dispose your trash properly. Having an assigned space for everything you need in your car can make it easier for you to control and contain clutter.

How You Can Run a Successful Business Overseas

As a business owner, your main goal is to ensure that the company you are running is a true success. If you are considering moving your business overseas, there are many opportunities that are awaiting you. Many business owners are realizing that they simply cannot be a true success until they actually move to a more populated area. Australia is a prime place for you to begin a business or move your business so that it can continue to grow and thrive. There are many things that you will want to know when it comes moving overseas with your business.

Speaking with an Immigration Agent

Getting help from a migration agent is one of the first steps that you're going to want to take. This type of expert is trained in helping people move overseas in a legal and quick manner. If you are trying to do the move on your own, you might find it difficult to do so legally without the right paperwork filed. Working with a professional and trained migration agent will help tremendously because they will do all of the necessary paperwork for you so that you can simply get settled in Australia once you happen to move.

Choosing the Best Child Care Center for your Kids

For many career parents, finding someone whom they can entrust their child’s care is a very challenging task. While getting a private nanny is an option, it can be a little expensive thus most parents search for a child care center that will suit their budget and their expectations.

Keep Pests Out of Your Home

Pests have no business sharing a home with you and your family. Unless they are paying rent or helping out with the chores, they should be kicked to the curb and not be allowed to return. What are some of the best ways to that you can keep your home pest free for yourself and your family?

Call a Pest Control Expert

Photo credits: Wonderlane on Flickr

A pest control expert can assess the situation and take steps to get rid of pests immediately. If your home shows signs of being overrun by mice or rats, an exterminator can come up with a plan that will get them out of your home within days. Whether you have one mouse, 100 rats or an entire family of ants in your home, an exterminator can get rid of them without having to use any harsh chemicals that could be harmful to yourself or your pets.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Important Files and Documents: How Long Should Your Business Store Them For

Think about how much time you’ve wasted in your life trying to find your keys, wallet or mobile phone! For any business, record keeping is not only compulsory; it directly impacts the productivity of your business. Are you starting to drown in business documents and unsure of what to keep and for how long? Fear not, read on for some information on how long you should store important business documents and some storage suggestions.

What you need to store

Your business is required by law to keep certain financial and employee-related records. The Australian Tax Office (ATO), the Australian Securities Investments Commission (ASIC) and Fair Work Australia (FWA) are three organisations that may require access to your records.Also bear in mind what documents you would need to provide in order to sell your business. If you are not sure about what to store, it is better to keep too many records than not enough and to check with a professional such as your accountant. But remember, that although your accountant may have copies or original documents pertaining to your business, the owner of the records is legally responsible for them.

As a general rule of thumb, key business documents you’ll need to file and store include:
  • Tax-related records (keep for five years). Retain and regularly scan: 
            o   Employee payments
o   Fuel tax credits
o   Income Tax and GST
o   PAYG for business payments.
  • Financial statements and employment records, keep for seven years. 
  • Check with experts for industry specific record requirements such as accreditations. 
  • Keep property-related documents indefinitely or for seven years after a property is sold.

Types of storage

Electronic documents

Photo credits: cooldesign - freedigitalphotos.net

While many businesses are aiming to become ‘paperless’ to reduce costs and environmental impacts, electronic files are great but for some documents, you will need to be able to produce a paper copy if requested by the Australian Government. Also, ensuring you backup your electronic files is paramount. Talk to an IT expert for more information and guidance on electronic filing and storage.

Friday, April 04, 2014

Contemporary Interiors for the Modern-day Home

So you’ve finally decided to buy your dream home and chose to put your heart and soul in designing it inside and out. Designing a modern-day home with contemporary interiors can be fantastic. A lot of ideas come into mind from the day you enter your new home - from the type of flooring, wall color, appliance and furniture to fit in up to the tiniest details you can ever imagine.

Do-it-yourself interior design is exciting but can be overwhelming too that you may find yourself at a loss and don’t know or figure out exactly where to start. There are many things to consider when doing an interior design and the guide below may help you out on the process:

First and foremost you must tailor your home contemporary interiors to your unique lifestyle and needs.

Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Parental Role in Child’s Academic Achievement

Another school year has ended, a lot of happy parents are proud of their child’s academic achievement as Facebook feeds are filled and flooded with well wishes for children graduating in pre-school, elementary, high school or college. Congratulatory remarks and photos on honors and awards garnered by these young achievers are posted in most social media networking sites.

Both the child and the parent in my opinion must be applauded for this great academic accomplishment. Parents play an important role in helping their child appreciate their education - which is proper motivation, encouragement, supervision and support in assisting their kids to fulfill their potential. While the kid on the other hand, being influenced by their parent manage, coordinate and take a positive and an active interest in what they are learning in school, thus, performs well in their studies.

According to studies, parental involvement in kids academic attainment are more likely to be of higher-achieving students than those whose parents are not involved in their scholastic lives. Children develop self-esteem and less likely to have educational issues such as inappropriate behavior or failing grades. Parents must convey the message that these academic accomplishments matter for it will benefit their child in the long run.  It doesn’t matter if the kid will not go up the stage to receive a medal or award but what is important is that he/she had tried his/her best to pass the level and is ready to continue on to the next stage.

Parents showing full support on their child’s education positively affects a child’s self-worth and well-being. I am gratefully blessed with two boys who do excel academically. My eldest son – JM who’s a full pledged IT works for prestigious company while my youngest son – Yahmir had just finished his grade 8 with flying colors. This scholastic award does not only mean a pat on the back but calls for a family celebration as well.  Cheers!

Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Fancy Saving Some Money This Year? Why Not Try Building Your Own Wardrobes?

Photo credits: https://flic.kr/p/4kZrto

With so much furniture coming flat-packed these days, most people simply don’t bother building their own anymore. Even so, this is a great way of keeping yourself occupied during your time off work, and it could also help you to save a lot of money. So, I thought today would be a good time to write and release a post detailing how it can be done. Don’t worry too much if your DIY and woodworking skills aren’t up to scratch, as this is nowhere near as difficult as it sounds. Indeed, so long as you have the right measurements, the rest is childs-play.

On top of all the other advantages, building your own wardrobes will allow you to keep full control over their design. Which type of wood you use is up to you, and how you decorate or paint the final product is also completely flexible. With that in mind, give me your full attention for the next four or five minutes, and I’ll try to break it down for you.

Measuring the Space You Have

This should be your first move, and it’s vital you get it right. So, it might be worth enlisting the help of a friend, no matter how confident you are with your own abilities. Sometimes our minds become clouded, and we get things like this wrong, so having a second opinion should limit the chances of you encountering problems further down the line. Once you’re 100% certain the numbers add up, you’re ready to move onto the next step.