Important Questions to Ask during a Nanny Interview

A service of a Nanny is needed when both parents are working in corporate offices or managing a family business who usually have less time spent during the day in our homes to take care and cater the needs of our young kids. We need somebody whom we can entrust our little ones while we are out of the house. It is very hard to find a good and confident baby sitter nowadays, so it very important for us to pre-screen them very well before availing their services.

Before moving on to the interview portion, take a look on her credentials. For me these three records are very essential to be examined first before I proceed on to the interrogation part.
  • Resume 
  • Recent Police Clearance or NBI Clearance
  • Medical certificate

Here’s a list of important questions we should ask during a nanny interview.
  • When was your last employment on childcare or nanny job?
  • Why did you ended your services with your prior employer? Let her explain the reasons, from there you could already tell if she is truthful to her answers.
  • When was the last time you get sick? What illnesses did you get in the past years?
  • What are your experiences in caring for a child?
  • What would you do, if by chance my child hurt or hit you?
  • For how long are you willing to stay with us?
  • How would you resolve issues with children? What is your opinion about spanking in disciplining a child?
  • Do you own a cell phone? If yes, set your restrictions on cell phone usage during work hours.
  • How do you practice your personal hygiene? Do you take a bath daily? How often do you brush your teeth? – well this might be somewhat a bit offending to ask but it is important as she will be personally handling our kids.  Hygiene is a crucial factor that is needed to be discussed in my opinion.

As much as possible we have to hire a nanny who has experience in taking care of children, not necessarily years of experience but as long as she knows what she would be doing.

Have I missed a question? Feel free to add your additional suggestions in the comment form below.


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