Simple Snapshots: Background Ideas For Your Next Photoshoot

As your kids grow, and your life as a family evolves and changes, capturing precious moments before time flies by can become very important. One way many families do this is with annual or regular family photoshoots, bringing everyone together to create some great family memories that you’ll be able to cherish, and show off for years to come. Creating an interesting and meaningful background with your photoshoot without having it overpower the main focus (which is, of course, your family) can be tricky. Next time you’re planning a photoshoot, think about trying one of these backgrounds.


Nothing makes a more beautiful background than a picturesque location provided by Mother Nature. Whether it’s a park, a hiking trail, a lake or pond, or just your own back yard, getting outside with your photographer can help provide some really beautiful moments. With this selection, you’ll want to work with your photographer on finding a time and location with lighting that will work, as well as scheduling this on a day that the weather is going to cooperate with you!

Significant Family Location

One truly memorable way to go about creating a perfect photoshoot background is thinking of a place that is as significant to you and your family as the photos will be. Does your family go to the same place on vacation every year? Do you want to go back to where he proposed for your photoshoot? Maybe you’re thinking of getting a first family photo with your newborn and you want to return to the place where she told you the good news? Having a photo of the location and your family all in the same frame will make the photoshoot extra special!

Family Heirlooms or Furniture

While there is obviously going to be a focus on the family that is alive and well today, family photos can also be a great way to remember loved ones who have passed. If you’re looking for a way to incorporate a memory of a grandparent or ancestor who has passed, think about using heirlooms such as a beloved great-aunt’s rocking chair, or your father’s war medals as props or background pieces in the photo. It will honor them during the photoshoot, and it will provide a beautiful and loving memory of them every time you see the picture from here on out. You can get Heritage House furniture to arrange your antique pieces in the picture.

By using one of these ideas, or by using them as springboards for your own unique background inspirations, you're sure to make your next family photos extra special!


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