Baby Care 101: Nurture your Little One the Natural Way

The family’s bundle of joy is fragile, therefore, when it comes to baby care - nourishment, health and safety are always a parent’s primary concern. We see to it that we nourish our little ones with the best milk, healthy baby food and utilize recommended natural baby products to keep our baby out of harm’s way.

Babies need utmost care, aside from the infant formula, vitamins and supplements, hale and hearty food, periodic pediatric check-ups for their needed immunization and vaccines, we also must be aware that babies and kids skin are delicate and so is their immune system. They are more susceptible to absorbing the unwanted toxins from the products they are exposed to. This is the reason why we must be aware and be careful in buying personal stuffs for our baby and the whole family as well.

There are a lot of conventional baby products sold in the market. Do not be misled by their colorful or beautiful packaging or special promotional discounts like buy 1 take 1. It will be wise to read labels and choose to buy safer personal care products for your baby and kids. 

Chemicals in detergents, dyes in clothing, fragrances and other harmful ingredients can cause skin irritation, dryness, rashes, severe allergies and other skin problems. However, there’s more you can do to protect your baby and family from these products which contain dangerous toxins by using the practical guide below:

  • Read and select products that are labeled “Paraben-free”, “SLS-free”, “Food-Safe”, and “No Artificial Preservatives”
  • Choose a trusted product with the finest natural ingredients and extracts like Tiny Buds Natural Baby Products that safely nourish babies’ health.
  • Do not compromise your kid’s wellness and safety by buying items on special discounts to save on money. Bear in mind that quality is important and better than quantity.
  • Carefully monitor for any negative reactions when trying a new product.  It is best to test and try them on yourself first before using them on your baby and kids. For lotion or talcum powder, apply it on your inner arm then wait for some time to see if there has been a reaction.
  • There’s no need to use a variety of baby products for your tot.  Babies have a natural sweet smell and only need a toxic-free body wash, baby lotion and baby powder.

It is indeed a smart choice to use an all-natural product in nurturing and protecting your little one and providing your family a healthy, safe and toxin-free environment.  Tiny bud’s Rice Baby Powder, made from pure Rice Grains repels sweat and leaves baby Zael smelling fresh all day. While the special food-safe formula of the Tiny Buds Bottle and Utensil Wash effectively cleans the feeding bottles. To know more about other Tiny Buds products you may visit, like their Facebook page at or email:


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