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The amazing changes in kids take place from birth to 1 year old.  At this stage, a child is all about observing his environment and picking up the skills needed to become a full-fledged toddler. The best toys right now need to stimulate their sight, sound and touch.  Toys that have bold contrasting colors, toys that make squeaky or crinkling noises and are soft or textured are best for engaging these senses. 

Multi-patterned colorful crib mobiles with sounds, wrist, foot and hand rattles are some of the toys recommended for babies 3 months old and older.

crib mobile

hand rattle


When the kid reaches 9 months you can already give him soft blocks, stacking rings or nesting cups.

soft blocks

stacking rings

From age 1 up to age 2 up, floor gyms, music cubes, activity blocks, activity boards or activity tables, simple sturdy musical instruments, colorful balls are toys which may capture their interest.

activity gym

activity table

activity walker

musical toy

At age 3-6 we can start introducing them to educational toys like shape and number sorter, puzzle form boards, electronic interactive books that teach counting, shapes, reasoning and reading. pop-up books, toy kitchen set, edible clay and a lot more.

puzzle board
electronic interactive book
shape sorter   
pop-up books

It is very important that we join them during their play to assist and teach them how these toys are played.  At the same time enjoying a quality bonding moment for you and your kid.


  1. i love the toys ate joy! ako ang may like hahaha i have always dreamed of having my own playroom.

  2. Me and my wife always look for durable ones at 'yung safe to play lalo ng toddlers. Our 2 year old bunso is starting to like those building blocks pero we are looking for the wooden types and not the plastic ones. Buti na lang one of our friends handed over their pre-owned ones that up until now are still in very good condition.

  3. the crib mobile is perfect for my little one's crib..i love the always si mommy ang nag eenjoy sa toys morethan my little boy...hehehe

  4. I like them...for me! :D

    c5 @

  5. ang gaganda ng toys ,very colorful .For kids talaga .tamang tama yung mga toys for 3-6 yrs old kay julian ko.

  6. So many toys in the market now that are so hard to choose! I do love getting educational toys for my daughter.

  7. one of my son's fave when he was younger - leappad. gave it na to my nephew. mas better na iwanan kids playing with educational toys that let them play with psp, nintendo or computer games. although there are a few educational games for these gadgets, nakaksira din ng mata 

  8. it is so important to properly choose our kids should be fun, safe and educational..the walker is so cute..passing by Ms.Joy ;)

  9. weeehhh! i have an activity gym for baby Job, he loves his tummy time and his mobile, i replaced the toys with card boards wrapped in red, black and white, as during the early months, babies only recognize these three colors. i make sure too that our sheets are colorful enough for him to explore... hehehe.. thanks for this post mommy Joy!

  10. So many toys in the market now that are so hard to choose! I do love getting educational toys for my daughter.

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  11. Blocks are really good toys for kids. It develop mental abilities of kids by inserting these blocks to its proper hole. It also develops that grasping abilities of babies.


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