The Changing World

In four decades of my existence in this world, I am now one of the living witnesses who can attest on how the world is changing.  I cannot help comparing the world I grew up into before and how it changed throughout the years.  Monitoring and analyzing, I jot down and put into writing the following changes.

Human behavior is far off different before and today.  People of yesterday, especially children were more of the simple type.  Enjoying the simple things life can give, more disciplined and acts in a more refined manner.  During my time, in just one daring look of my Mom, I will behave and stop doing whatever I make her mad.  When I became a mother, I also applied some of the old ways in raising up a kid, but I revised some of them too.  Like for instance, I made sure that we have an open communication with our kids.  We listen to what they say.  They can openly reason out and justify whatever wrong doings they have done, then from there we will explain and let them know the consequences of what they did.  As much as possible we (my husband and I) don’t spank them when they make mistakes. Unlike before we were not allowed to talk and express our heart out.  We just have to listen but cannot butt in, keeping justifications only to ourselves.  However, I understand and respect that it’s their trend and way of disciplining children before.

People population has been tripled or more than tripled nowadays, making life much harder. Green fields has turned into subdivisions and commercial purposes.  My children grew up without even enjoying playing in the rice fields as I’ve enjoyed and experienced before.  We still have to go out of town in far off places just to let them experience the farm life, the simple way of living, and amazingly they are enjoying it too. Sad to say that we had to schedule such activities only during school vacation and long holidays.  Kids born in the cyber age tends to be more hooked up in the computerized playing gadgets, computers and cellphones, less likely to enjoy playing in the rain, and other outside games.

Education - I remember when I was in grade school, lessons were not too hard, teachers were more lenient.  We only have a few books to carry in going to school.  I definitely enjoyed my elementary days. Today, grade school lessons especially in private schools are getting too difficult, lots of daily homeworks, quizzes, researching plus the project making combined with school’s extra curricular activities stresses a young mind.  My youngest son, who’s in grade 5, always looks forward for a Friday and weekends because these days are the only time wherein he can relax.  His school bag is too heavy, with 11 books, 10 notebooks, a diary, and other daily requirements that he needs to bring along everyday plus a lunch bag separated from the school bag.  It’s a good thing that we opted for a school service, for commuting will be hard for him especially during rainy season. Government/Public schools are not enough to cater the volume of pupils/students, thus they implement the 3 shift class schedule within the day.  Try roaming around and you can see plenty of out of school youths.

Unemployment rate before is high but it became much much higher today.   

Committing crimes seem to be a normal headline in the broadsheets nowadays.

Health, more complicated and unknown diseases occurred and viruses had mutated as well.

Disasters and calamities we experience nowadays are extreme due to the environmental destruction and improper handling.  To add as well, the Global warming which results in severe weather changes.

Poverty can be seen all over the world , malnutrition, and sudden deaths.

Cost of living is too high nowadays. Money value is getting lower as prices of primary commodities gets high.

Revolts, war, killing fields, greed for power, corruption, injustice, famine, catastrophes that happen recently scares me a lot.  Does this mean we are already nearing the end?


  1. wow this is a great post mam joy

    yes its true I always envy old photos and hope that somehow I was there too...but still thankful that we are here in the province but feared that the next time my future grand children wont see the greeny anymore

  2. this is a great post. for me, i have to be strict with the kids when it comes to computer stuff. i only let them open their computer on weekends. and i encourage them to play outside the house when they come home from school.

    btw - is this the blog you're referring to that doesn't truncate? Maybe nga, it's because of the template. not really sure.

  3. The world indeed has changed and is continuing to change.I have seen those chnages that you've mentioned with regards to us and our kids. Ako din nakukuha sa tingin lang ng nanay ko. Kids nowadays di na makuha sa tingin...

  4. Hi Jan! thanks for the visit :)
    Yes this is the one i am referring to :(

  5. Peach! welcome back hihi, you were exactly correct, kahit kanda laki na mata natin ngayon di sila makuha sa tingin, kurot on the side na lang ginagawa ko ahahaha

  6. They said that Change is Good,but in our country, it looks like it's the other way around.

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  7. Green fields has turned into subdivisions and commercial purposes.

    Gone are the days that we could see a lot of green in our surrounding, now it was replaced by buildings and this makes me so sad. How will the next generation survive?

  8. visited and followed you back from WBFC:)

  9. They said that Change is Good,but in our country, it looks like it's the other way around.

    Blog Hopping Thru The Bloggers Exchange


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