How to Make Your Computer-Whiz Kid Read Books

For some kids, especially those that are incredibly computer savvy, reading is just not their cup of tea. Though many children enjoy reading on a daily basis, if you have a child who is interested in computers, it may be a bit difficult to find books that are powerful enough to pull them away from the computer screen. That being said there are some ways that you can get your computer savvy child to read, and enjoy doing it. This technique will help open up your child's mind to the wonders of reading. 

It takes a specially constructed mind to be able to use and enjoy using technology, technology, though incredibly impressive, is just not for everyone. In a similar vein, non-technological elements are not for everyone either. In order to get your computer oriented kid to read books you may have to employ the use of e-books or electronic books to spark their interest. Part of the draw of paper books for many is the feel of the pages between their fingers and the look of the book itself. For others it is the ability to see how much you have read and to be able to take them anywhere. If you have a child who is incredibly technology oriented you may want to look into e-books as a viable option. Many online schools use this type of book as opposed to paper books.  

Though these types of books are still technically books, they are presented in an alternative format which may make them more desirable to your child. Say for instance you buy a technologically savvy child a paper book for Christmas, odds are they will be somewhat disappointed; now consider buying an electronic reader or a program that allows them to read books on their computer. By allowing your child the ability to read in an alternative fashion that is not dependent on putting down the technology you are opening up the world of reading without making them abandon the medium with which they are comfortable. 

E-books are just as effective when it comes to unlocking imagination and higher learning in children; they are just presented in a slightly different manner. These days more and more adults are getting on the e-reader bandwagon which is incredibly beneficial for parents who are trying to get their children to read with the use of a reader. Because adults are interested, more and more publishing companies are releasing books in both the paper format and in electronic versions which means that you now have access to more books than you can imagine. 

Electronic books also take away the need to run to the store or library every time that you are finished reading and easy at home downloads are available. Also, many online book sellers offer free books from authors that are either considered classics or that are just starting out and are looking for exposure meaning that you have access to hundreds or free books with which you can test the waters. 

Patrice Ohara is a self-professed bookworm. She's currently taking up real estate classes in Utah .


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