How to Teach Children About Money in 7 Easy Steps

  Money can be a touchy subject for kids and parents alike, but it's also a topic that needs to be discussed. We want our children to understand the value of money and how it works, but it can be tricky to discuss these concepts without sounding preachy. As a parent myself, I've found that making learning about money fun is one way to get my child interested in the topic without worrying about them feeling like we're pushing an agenda or being lectured at. Here are some fun ways that you can teach your child about money : Let kids invent their own games or create their own money. Let kids invent their own games or create their own money. This works especially well with older children who already have a grasp on financial concepts like spending, saving, budgeting and investing. Let them create their own games using whatever they want as currency — anything from marbles to candy to paper clips could work! If they want to make up actual rules for using this new currency (f

Tips to Develop Your Child’s Love and Skills For Reading

Parents have a huge influence on how fast and quickly their children learn to read. Developing a child’s love and skill for reading is not an easy peasy job. We need to encourage and help our children to draw their attention, to fascinate them, and to make them realize the gain and benefits of reading.

Here are some tips to improve and build up your child's progress in reading.

Be a role model, seeing you read will inspire and motivate your children to read

Start introducing books during the toddler stage; pop-up books for a start will instigate their interest to keep on looking at the book every now and then.

Set time to read to your children.  Children will get enthusiastic in this activity, hearing the way how you properly pronounce words will actually help them read better themselves. As you read to each other explore for new vocabularies.

Lure your kids to read by surrounding them with a large supply of reading materials such as appealing books and magazines at their reading level. Put the reading materials around your house where they often play and stay like the family room, bedroom and even beside the television and computer.

Show interest for your child's reading, you may ask him how he is doing with the new book you bought, or ask him questions about the story he is reading.  Remember your reaction will persuade him to become more interested to read.

Children begin to be fascinated not only in story books but to other variety of reading materials most likely at the age of 9 and above.  Children’s magazines, comics, riddles, jokes and more may catch their attention too.

Reading is an enjoyable activity; we can influence our kids to become good readers with proper motivation and persuasion as the key.

My youngest son, a Rick Riordan fan


  1. One reason why I decided to buy actual books for me and Una. We used to read using e-reader in my phone and tablet. I was horrified that her idea of reading was through those gadgets. I'm so glad that she's still young and that was easily fixed. She loves her books, and I'm getting addicted in buying them. I rather buy books now than buy clothes for me hahaha!


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