Staying Green When Moving House

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Moving house has the potential for being a significant source of environmental pollution, but for those who are environmentally aware it is an opportunity to show their commitment to the well-being of our planet. Some form of transport is almost always needed for a move, so that there is really no way of avoiding a contribution to pollution, but steps can be taken that will leave a smaller carbon footprint behind.

Packing up a home

Cardboard boxes manufactured from recycled material, or wooden crates that derive from sustainable forests should be the containers of choice when moving house. These materials are biodegradable and will decompose over time if they cannot be reused or recycled after a move. Any form of plastic should be avoided, including the convenient, but eco-disastrous bubble-wrap. Old newspapers are just as effective in the protection of fragile items and old sheets or blankets will take care of the larger items, such as the television. Then there are the items that are no longer required. 

Disposing of unwanted items

Moving house usually produces significant quantities of items to be discarded. Renting a skip from an environmentally conscious skip hire company like Love Skips ensures that the move continues to be kind to our planet. Skip hire companies must be fully compliant with waste removal regulations and the move to environmentally friendly methods has impacted on the compartmentalisation of skips to facilitate recycling.

Companies employing this policy will sort items at source and ensure that, wherever possible, items are sent to be recycled. Solid waste that is not eco-friendly will be disposed of in a manner that causes the least ecological harm.

Choosing the right removal company

Moving house in an eco-friendlymanner includes checking on the vehicles that are used by removal companies before contracting with them. Gas-guzzlers or removal vans that send clouds of toxic exhaust fumes into the atmosphere should alert customers to a company's apparent disregard for the welfare of our planet. If a large enough number of prospective clients refuse to do business with these companies on grounds of environmental neglect, there is an excellent chance that they will soon comply with recommended health and environmental standards. Renting a large enough van to complete the move in a single trip will also ensure that less fuel is used.

Greener Cleaning

Petroleum based cleaning products have a toxic and long-lasting effect on the environment. The continual warnings regarding the state of our planet's health have inspired a large and freely available range of products that are derived from renewable sources. These cleaning products are every bit as effective as the conventional, while being biodegradable and non-toxic. There are also very simple and inexpensive methods of cleaning thoroughly using products that are found in most kitchen cupboards. Baking soda is a wonderful cleaning agent when mixed with a little warm water and has the added benefit of eliminating odours.

Moving house means getting rid of a diverse range of items and the disposal of these should always be done with the environment in mind. Many communities now have special recycling days where they are willing to take all waste products off of your hands for safe disposal. Making use of these when moving house benefits all concerned.


  1. When I moved into our current house I said I would never move but guess what, due to a job transfer we are going to be moving in three months 2500 miles away. Thank you for the tips.

  2. Great tips as always and I love that you use a snail pic for this topic! Too cute!

    Junk disposal is the number one problem when moving house and should be done in a responsible and eco-friendly manner.

  3. Great post --- I really never thought about staying "green" when I moved last year but this blog post gives me a lot to think about the next time (God forbid) I need to move.


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