Cleaning Sunday: 4 Steps to Make it Green

The Sunday chores are something not very amusing but their necessity is significant for the household hygiene, and hygiene is one of the main factors for our health conditions. There is another way to improve your environment and make it healthier and Eco friendly. It is not a secret that the world is trying to work for its future and now is the right time to make your cleaning habits Eco ones.

We would like to share some information how you can make your cleaning green. Here are 4 steps to green-up the Sunday cleaning.

1. Plants are green

Adding some plants will definitely give a fresh look to your house. You may ask what plants have to  do with cleaning. The thing is that plants are natural air filters that produce oxygen and consume carbon-dioxide. A good number of flowerpots in a room is a great solution for the air quality of your house-space. If we choose some fragrant flower, we will also have a natural air freshener and decoration also.

2. Use natural products

It is amazing how things, that we can find in our kitchen, can be used for cleaning just as good the chemical products that are sold in stores. Actually this is not something that is invented now, most of our grandparents use to clean their homes that way in the days when the chemical industry was making its first steps. Vinegar, baking soda, olive oil and essential oils are some of the wonder product that would find great application in your green Sunday cleaning,  professional Splendid Cleaners aim. Vinegar is clear liquid product with acidic nature - made from fermenting alcohol. Therefore it creates unpleasant environment for most bacteria and other microorganisms. As you can imagine vinegar is the ideal cleaning product for every part of your household. Banking soda has abrasive characteristic and mixed with water creates a paste that is perfect for cleaning stubborn stains from most surfaces. Olive oil is one of the best wood-care product that exist. The oil seals the wood and creates a nice protective layer which keeps the wooden material from drying or moisture. Olive oil is good for the wood the same way as it is good for the skin, so you don't have to worry about protective gloves.  Essential oils have strong natural fragrance and can be added to vinegar cleaning solution for pleasant Eco aroma.

3. Reduce, reuse, recycle

Think about how many paper towels wastes your household every month. What about the trees and the energy wasted for this product? The cheap green solution is a washable dusting and cleaning cloth that can be reused many times. And there is another Eco plus – you can use your stained towel, old clothes and sheets etc. Imagine how many cleaning clothes can be made out from an old towel. Once the cloths are dirty all you have to do is to wash them and they would ready for reuse. If you still use paper towels it would be nice to collect and recycle them not only to save the trees but also to see them not so often lying around the streets.

4. Give away your old clothes

If you have a lot of old clothes, don't throw them away just because you don't like them anymore. There are already produced and someone in need would appreciate them more than you. You can always give away or donate them to foster care houses, churches and other institutions. Sunday is a good day to visit such places, so don't hesitate and go green. 


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