Original soju vs Flavored soju: What is your preference?

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Soju, referred to as Korean Vodka, was originally launched in South Korea in 1924.  It has risen to be the number one selling liquor worldwide. With the continuous growth of Korean dining, K-dramas and K-pop culture, it remains to be a pillar in spreading Korean drinking culture around the globe.

When it comes to weekend relaxation or holiday celebration, samgyeopsal or Korean BBQ paired with Soju is always an instant hit with Pinoys.

With different soju variants to choose from, which do you prefer, the original Korean soju or the flavored soju?

Non-flavoured Soju

Jinro Chamisul has two variants: The Jinro Chamisul Original or Classic with alcohol content of 20.1% ABV and Jinro Chamisul Fresh with alcohol content of 16.9% ABV.

Thus, the only difference is their alcohol content. Both pass through a patented Korean bamboo charcoal filtration process to get rid of hangover-causing compounds. Between the two, I prefer the Chamisul Fresh as I always want to have a clean drink that allows me to feel clearheaded and ready the next day.

What does authentic Korean soju taste like?

An authentic soju tastes strong yet sweet. When you consume it pure, you can feel a subtle kick and burn down the throat while leaving a sweet refreshing aftertaste.

Flavored Soju

All Jinro flavored soju has an alcohol content of 13% ABV. Their main difference of course is the vibrant flavors infused in each variant.

Flavors include:

Grapefruit – refreshing and pleasing to the taste.

Green Grape – my all-time favorite variant because of its not too sweet nor bitter taste.

Plum - fruity and smooth with the unique flavor of plum.

Strawberry – a delightful party drink infused with natural strawberry flavor.

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If you are a beginner to drink soju, and you want to add these bottles to your bar, there are some things that you should know:

How to drink soju

Chill the bottle hours before serving. Serve it cold and do not add ice to the drink as it is served in a small shot glass and taken as a shot.

Swirl or shake the bottle in a circular motion to create a whirlpool inside, then, Slap the bottom of the bottle with your palm to break up the sediment in the bottle before twisting off the cup.

Do you sip or shoot soju?

Traditionally shooting is more common but you can sip it if you want. Remember, it must be consumed with food.

Does soju have an expiry date?

The date printed on the bottle is the date the drink was bottled. You can’t see a date marked as an expiration date, soju doesn’t have an expiry date.

Wondering why it does not expire? It is because the ingredients used are simple – rice grains, water, ethanol and flavorings, nothing in these ingredients can go off.

Just as long you keep your leftover tightly capped then you can keep it for as long as you like!

Jinro is the most well-known soju brand in the Philippines. Aside from it is easy and enjoyable to drink, the price of soju is more affordable compared to other liquors. It is also available throughout the country via online delivery and in convenience stores and supermarkets nationwide.

For more info. click https://hitejinroph.com/.


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