Why You Should Consider Hiring Entertainment for Your Event

Although everyone throws parties throughout their life: not everyone throws a memorable one.  Many parties these days are simple, just food and music coming out of a bluetooth connected speaker.  Although dancing and eating can be nice, they’re not the only two forms of entertainment out there.

If you’re ready to kick your party-host game up to the next level: here’s why you should consider hiring entertainment for your event.

It Will Create Memories Your Guests Talk About Forever

The best part of throwing a party is the reactions you get from people.  A well-thrown party means that you can enjoy praise and clout from people telling you how fun it is and talking about it on social media.  This type of party also inspires conversations and compliments about it that can last for years.

People won't remember a boring birthday party and just dancing and eating pizza, but they will remember a great party with drag queens and a contortionist on parade!

A Way to Pump Up And Excite The Crowd

Although booking entertainment can seem daunting, it's a great way to excite those attending the party!  Having your favorite song play on the speakers is nice, but it's an extraordinary feeling when a cover band is singing it and rocking out to the music!  You can excite and thrill the crowd by hiring a hype man to talk it up and interact with people.  There's nothing wrong with trying to make sure everyone has a great time.

The Chance to Support Local Artists

Local musicians and artists often don’t get enough work.  Although they're incredibly skilled and work hard at what they do, they often feel like they're not going to make it big any time soon.  By hiring a local artist, you get to have a hand in their career and possibly boost them up to more popularity!  Of course, you're also engaging and paying them, which funds their passion even further.

A Way To Push A Party’s Theme Further

If you’re throwing a 1980s party and aren't sure what's missing: why not hire a Madonna celebrity impersonator?  Consider using an entertainer to boost whatever theme your event already has.  This could mean getting musicians that can play music from the era of hiring drag queens that understand the fun and glamor of a Vegas-themed party.  Don't be afraid to get creative!

The Opportunity to Have More People Attend

When people who aren't sure about a party hear that you have live performers: they'll be far more likely to attend.  It's not every day you get to see live performances, and people love to enjoy new experiences and have fun while they're doing it.  If you're nervous about too few people attending, to be worth it: announce you'll have live acrobats performing on stage and watch your entire invite list immediately. RSVP to your event!  

Every party is different, but almost every event can benefit from having a live performer who loves what they’re doing.  Although it can be hard to pick the perfect choice for yourself: have fun with it! Image source: pixabay


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