Physical and Mental Activities for Elder’s Diversion

Physiological changes occur as we get older, transformation in structure and functioning of the body takes place over a lifespan. Thus, lifestyle choices may slow down as we enter the prime phase of our lives.

This Covid-19 pandemic has changed older people's daily routines, as they are likely to get very sick from contracting the virus. They are facing new difficulties being confined at home. They cannot carry out their regular activities due to the lockdown measures.

Physical and mental activity, personal health checks, and proper nutrition are the things that need to be considered to improve their health and well-being while staying at home.

Online Games

To help them cope with stress and soothe their mind, a deck of playing cards can be useful. No doubt that they will be entertained playing their all-time favorite solitaire game. My mom has this solitaire gadget however for some unknown reason it suddenly doesn’t work anymore. 

She doesn’t want the playing cards so I searched for an online solitaire game and come across It is not only entertaining but it also provides the perfect alone time for my mom. She has tried the different versions of solitaire and likes Klondike the most.

Aside from Klondike, she also enjoys the
Daily Word Search as it helps her improve her memory.


Gardening is made easy these days, all you need to start planting like seeds, plants, soil, pots, and tools can be easily bought online.

It will also be a good form of exercise, take advantage too of the morning sun while planting and watering plants.

Growing their vegetable or flower garden will be a satisfying activity for seniors.

Reading or Writing

Improve mental activity through reading. There are also a lot of free and paid e-books on the internet. Writing can also be a past-time.

Music therapy

Music can uplift the mood; it has a positive effect especially for elders. Play their favorite musical genres. Bring back those happy memories by playing meaningful songs and music of their time.

Regular Exercise

Depending on the age, daily exercise may vary. Simple walking just around the house, stationary biking, simple stretching can do as long as it will be done regularly to help them improve their balance, fitness, and mobility.

Enjoy watching movies

One of the perks of living in this era is internet technology. The whole family can enjoy movie watching with their senior members in the comforts of their home as there are a lot of apps and streaming platforms that offer thousands of movies and tv series to choose from.

Explore a variety of hobbies

Let them choose the hobby they want to keep them busy especially during times of extreme boredom. It can be simple carpentry, crocheting, cross-stitching, or any other form of hobby that can diffuse any tension in their mind or body and fill up their idle time.

Physical activity and mental relaxation techniques can be valuable tools to help our elders remain calm. Remember what is most important is the care and support they receive, their ability to stay socially connected, and how they are perceived.



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