Pleasurable Online Home Entertainment to Improve Mental Health

Stress is inevitable. Aside from taking care of your family and yourself physically, it is important to never neglect to improve your mental health as it is vital to overall personal wellness.

With most people stuck in their homes during this pandemic, there is a more likely chance that we have already burned through our watch list from the past year. Even with the new COVID-19 vaccine coming out, countries all around the world are still forced to go under lockdown to combat the pandemic.

Thankfully, we have reached an age where entertainment is more accessible and interactive. The presence of the Internet enables us to achieve many things that we could not before, and this inevitably spawned a new form of entertainment: Online Entertainment to help relieve the stress and pressures brought about by the Covid-19 virus. There are many forms of fun and pleasurable online entertainment, and below are a few that you can partake in during this Pandemic.

Online Games

A study from Oxford University showed that video gaming can benefit mental health. It is beneficial for brain functioning and development. It is also relevant especially for seniors who can’t go out of the house during this crisis as therapeutic interventions to alleviate stress and depression.

One of the best sources of entertainment throughout history is games. Unfortunately, access to the more physical kind of games can be rather limited nowadays. Bowling, basketball, volleyball, or any other contact games or sports are now under strict supervision, which can prove to be more stressful than helpful. It is also simply not worth the risk to go out just to have fun. Thankfully, games have already evolved to the point that you can play them indoors. Any games you play during rainy days are perfectly applicable during the COVID-19 pandemic. Such games can vary from board games to Jenga, dress-up to the twister, or even puzzles to card games.

Online Home Entertainment to Improve Mental Health
Sadly, traditional indoor games can be rather repetitive, and eventually, you would lose interest in them. Thankfully, there is a solution for that: online games. There are multitudes of online games currently available on the internet. They come in different forms and sizes, from downloadable applications to browser games. One good example where you can play free online video games is I am a fan of the tile-matching video game, the classic logic puzzle game Tetris. Am so glad to have found a modern version which I can play via my mobile phone.

Online Home Entertainment to Improve Mental Health

Online Streams

Positive emotions, including humor, contribute to a sense of well-being and health, thus, if games are not right up your alley, then maybe watching shows would be! There is a wide variety of shows to choose from on the internet. From the lovable Spongebob Squarepants to the gritty reality of Breaking Bad, you can watch these shows from legal streaming websites. The best part about online streaming is you can watch any of the episodes anywhere, anytime, and at your own pace! Admittedly though, you can also watch the same shows onTV. What differentiates online streaming from your regular TV schedule is that online streaming offers more than the traditional story-based shows you often see on TV.

Online streaming, as a culture, has evolved over the years. So many genres are now available to watch as long as you have the Internet. You can watch short horror shows, comedies, or even podcasts that you would’ve otherwise not seen on the traditional TV. Older shows can also be seen on various streaming sites, and you can even watch ones that are not available in your region! Nowadays, you can even interact with online streamers in real-time as you watch their content. Streamers, for most of the time, are often attentive enough to reply to your comment.  

Online Home Entertainment to Improve Mental Health

Online Books

There are a lot of free and paid e-books on the web. You can download and read it on your e-reader or e-book reader app on your mobile phone. Stay updated with the latest books and stories of your favorite authors with just one click.

Online Home Entertainment to Improve Mental Health
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