Exciting Ways to Spice Up your Home Garden

It is understandable that not a lot of people takes up home gardening as a hobby.  After all, there are many things to consider when tending to one which can be rather time consuming. From planning out the layout to tending the plants, it does become more of a labor of love and health than a way to pass the time. However, you cannot deny the appeal of having one just for its looks! Personally, I have one because I just truly love gardening.

Over the years, I have made many posts about gardening on both my social media and websites. However, I only realize now that I never really made a post about how I’ve decorated my garden! I had a pretty nifty set-up on our previous home, but sadly not to the level of my dream garden. I had limited space to work with, and the pots I’ve bought were simply occupying too much space for me to add anything else. This all changed, however, when we moved to our new place. Now, I have too much space, that I don’t really know what to add to it to make it look better!

So, I went to the internet, and looked for a few trends for some inspiration. I found more than what I’ve bargained for, and thought that I should share what I found! Hence, here are a few exciting ways to spice up your home garden.

Add a Pond!

While this idea is not exactly novel, it is still a great way to add some excitement to your garden! It provides a contrasting color and life to what is otherwise a plant-centric garden, and you can even use the pond to raise a few aquatic-based plants while you’re at it.

However, the true beauty of a pond in the garden is the ability to raise animals or fishes on it. From turtles to koi, you can add many things in the pond so that it gives more life to your garden. While you’re at it, you might as well test the belief that comes along with certain animals! For example, having a koi pond in your garden is said to bring good luck and strength. With the difficult times lately, there’s no harm in testing this out!

Although, whatever you bring to your pond, make sure to give it some consideration. Taking care of these animals will naturally fall on you and your family members, so make sure to bring any that is well suited to your living conditions.

Add a family nook!

This one I’ve discovered through my son’s suggestions. He is a big fan of the game Minecraft, and he mentioned to me that one of his favourite YouTubers who play the game made a vlog about adding a family nook with bonfire to their yard. I was intrigued with the idea, so I went ahead to search in the Internet, and I absolutely fell in love with the concept!

The idea of having an open bonfire surrounded by chairs, hammock and plants provides this really comforting and almost medieval atmosphere. Most importantly though, it gives you a valid reason to hang out in your garden, and enjoy the peaceful almost medieval atmosphere it generates! You can even choose to invite your friends and relatives over and exchange stories while roasting marshmallows over the bonfire.

Admittedly though, plant and fire don’t really mesh well together. If you do choose to go with this idea, I suggest building a stonefloor to put your firepit on top of so you can prevent any danger.

Add a Fairy House!

Nothing screams more fantastical than fairies. Depending on your situation, maybe adding a few fairy houses and fairy-sized furniture may be the extra “oomph” your garden needs to look exciting! There is also the belief that attracting fairies to your garden brings good luck and happiness for you and your family. Like I have mentioned in the previous paragraph, there’s no harm in testing this belief. Worst case scenario, you’d just have a really pretty and mystical-looking garden that you can show off!

Additionally, this idea may grab your children’s attention, and gives you the opportunity to teach them the basics of gardening. If they don’t like that, then you can just simply skip to the process of making fairy houses with them. Either way, this activity will provide you a great way to strengthen your bond as a family!

Image source:
pond - pixabay
garden - pixabay


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