Ways to Help Seniors Stay Active

Seniors Stay Active

I've often heard people say, "You're only as old as you feel" which is why it's so important for seniors to keep busy and stay active. As your parents grow older, you want them to feel happy, productive and not like a burden, and enjoy their golden years, as they've earned it. Pegasus Senior Living provides seniors' quality care, in an inspiring, nurturing environment, and hires only the best staff, which is committed to the wellbeing of its residents. Senior living is a great way to help elders stay active well into their 90s. You should never look at getting older as a burden, because with age comes wisdom, just like a wine, you should always get better with age. Often times, many seniors take on second careers after retirement, often nowadays people stay working well up into their 70's and 80s, staying busy, and vowing to never retire.

Here are some Ways for seniors to Stay Active into their 70's and 80's

Social Activities

As we grow older, it's important to not only stay active but also do your best to stay social. Isolation is one of the leading contributors to the mental decline in seniors. Often when seniors lose the ability to connect with friends and family, it causes a sharp decline in their lives, which is why it's important to always stay connected.


One of the most important keys to healthy aging is, exercise, even if your mobility is limited, you should still attempt to engage in some sort of physical exercise for 15 minutes every 2 hours. Exercising regularly will allow you to maintain your strength, improve your movement, and will help alleviate chronic pain. It will also drastically improve your blood flow, and circulation, which will have a profound effect on your overall longevity

Keep your Mind Stimulated

As I approached my 60's I started to realize, my mind wasn't as sharp as it used to be, which is why it's important to do your best to keep your mind sharp, you could try a crossword puzzle or trivia game. There is literally no better way to get your neurons flowing, than completing a puzzle or playing a trivia game on your phone. Another way to keep your mind sharp is by trying something new, maybe a new recipe, learning to play piano, or maybe even learning a new language.

Rediscover your Passions

Retirement is often referred to as your Golden Years, it's a time where you can relax, breathe steadily, and rediscover any passions that may have been put on the backburner. It could be a time to rediscover your love for poetry, painting, or you can finally go out and build that 69 Firebird you always dreamed of owning. As we grow in our senior years, this a time, where you can finally do what you want, you'll no longer have to worry about being late to work again, this is your time to shine. Who knows, maybe you could even write that novel you always dreamed of writing.

Eat Well

Maintaining a well-balanced diet is an essential key to longevity, dieting helps maintain not only a healthy weight, but also drastically reduces your risk of developing diabetes or heart disease. Malnutrition is a problem many seniors commonly face; a poor diet can cause your muscles to weaken and deprives your body of the calcium it needs to keep bones strong. You should always try and maintain a fiber-rich diet, and exclude processed foods from your life completely, as well as saturated fats and foods high in carbohydrates. In order to live a long, full, and healthy life, you have to learn to change your eating habits, often times as we age our metabolism starts to slow down, which forces us to alter our eating patterns and closely watch our calorie intake.

Consider living in a Senior Living Facility

One option is to consider a Senior Living Facility, because as you grow older, living in a big house, might become a lot for you to keep up with, especially when it comes to mowing the lawn. There, you'll no longer have to work about yard work, doing dishes, or having to cook a huge meal again, you'll have entertainment, and gourmet dining provided by professional chefs. You'll also be able to be sounded by plenty of people your age, where you can make friends with similar interests.

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