How to Get a Fender Acoustic Guitar for Less

fender acoustic guitar

Fender. The name alone could send shivers up any guitarist’s spine.

Many beginners aspire to have their own Fender guitar but are unable to because of budget constraints. If you’re just starting out, you really shouldn’t worry about Fenders on the upper end of the price spectrum. There are Fender guitars designed for beginners and are priced affordably so you can get started on the right foot - with a quality guitar that makes learning to play more fulfilling.

The FA-100 starter pack for example. It costs just around $150 and includes a Fender acoustic guitar, picks, extra strings, a clip-on tuner, guitar strap and a gig bag. Now that’s great value for money!

When you’ve considerably improved in your playing skills and want to level up in terms of musical equipment, you’ll probably want a more advanced guitar to suit your playing style. When that time comes, you still can save money on a Fender. Here are some great ideas how.

Look for Fender coupons.

Many authorized distributors and retailers of Fender guitars have gotten into the coupon frenzy to entice customers to buy from them. Coupons or promo codes get you instant discounts when you buy Fender guitars or accessories from these shops. These online coupons can get you up to 50 percent off a Fender item! It does take a bit of diligence and patience looking or waiting for the right promo or coupon that would be applicable to the acoustic guitar you want, but you’ll have to agree it will surely be worth the wait.

Consider refurbished Fender guitars.

Refurbished guitars are those that are sent back to the workshop to undergo cosmetic fixes, minor structural repairs or replacement of some parts. Once these issues are addressed and the guitars thoroughly inspected, the good-as-new Fender guitars re-enter the market as reconditioned guitars and are sold at a price lower than the original retail price. Going for refurbished acoustics is a great way to save money on a Fender.

Check out music store sales.

Like other shops, music stores also need to move and clear inventory so they can have space for new stock. Going to music store sales may be your chance to find a Fender acoustic guitar that’s been given a nice price slash. Timing is key of course - you’ll want to be the first one in when the store opens on sale day!

Give preloved Fenders a chance.

Fender acoustic guitars, especially those with a solid top, sound better as the soundboard wood matures. This is reason enough to consider looking around for a used Fender acoustic being put up for sale. If there are a few dings and scratches, that’s okay - cosmetic flaws like these hardly affect the Fender tone. Secondhand Fender acoustic guitars cost less than their brand-new counterparts, so if you’re a bit low on cash you can always give this option a shot.

Browse around music forums, online shopping sites, social network groups and other places where pre-owned items are sold. You may just find the Fender acoustic you’re looking for, especially if it’s a discontinued model.

Which Fender acoustic guitar have you set your sights on? Let us know if you were able to get it with these tips!


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