Dealing with workplace injuries

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When a member of my family got injured from a workplace accident there were many factors I had to consider. In my case these were health risks, high cost of medications and otherfinancial burdens such as household bills.

Accidents are never planned and can occur at the most unexpected times. Such mishaps may occur and vary depending on the nature of your job. For corporate offices it may be caused by trips or slips, while industrial misfortunes can be caused by falls or lifting accidents. In my case it was a slip in an industrial warehouse that saw my better injure himself.

Workplace injuries may or may not be severe but still can have distressing effect on the worker and their family especially when the injury is serious. The injured worker may need time off which disrupts the earning capacity. In most cases an injured employee is only entitled to statutory sick pay.

The long days of not working will surely cripple the family income. In most circumstances before you can pursue to claim a compensation you need to establish a proof that the accident was not your fault, so it is important to get a legal advice with a specialist on a conditional fee arrangement or the so called no win no fee wherein you will only have to pay your solicitor’s fee only if you win your case.

Every worker has the right to find justice for an accident that was not his fault especially if it happened during his working hours and inside the workplace. An injured employee is entitled to claim compensation for any harm or damage received, the employer is responsible and has the legal duty to take care and ensure the safety of his staff members.


  1. Workplace injuries are no doubt something a company strives to avoid. If you've suffered injuries at the workplace, the first thing to do (apart from getting yourself treatment) is to bring it to the attention of  the health and safety department of the organization. And followed by a legal process. Thanks for coming up with this post. 

  2. Prevention is better than cure, so they say. Ask about these benefits during the interview phase itself. Also, check that you read, understood, and agreed on the benefits that the company is providing you and their terms and conditions. This will save you from a lot of heartcache and frustrations brought about by false hopes.

  3. i feel sad about it.. these workers do their best to work, and do what their employer pleases.. but when accident came, they are not well compensated. Government should strengthen our law about this.

  4. Accidents do happen on working place. Salamat at na remind ako sa mga ganito.. ingat po lagi. :)

  5. The importance of life insurance comes in when it comes to incidences like this. I mean, one should be very keen on having one because this is about life care and you don;t want to just leave your family with another burden to bear.

  6. this is where our insurances play its part. but, sometimes, there are companies who are too quick to sell policies and yet, too slow or others may deny compensation saying such claims are not included in the rider,, it really pays to understand insurance packages.

  7. oh i remember my late tito on this one. :c but yeah it can happen anytime so better be safe than sorry. maybe i should get one for myself now too...


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