Thursday, March 29, 2012

Online Games for Elder’s Diversion

Physiological changes occur as we get older, transformation in structure and functioning of the body takes place over a lifespan. Thus, lifestyle choices may slow down as we enter the prime phase of our lives.

Caring for our elders is not an easy task, as they become more sensitive and longing for more attention. Aside from their wish and desire to always feel loved by the family members, they are also more prone to stress. My mom and dad are 70 years old at present; both of them are physically weaker hence, easily get sick lately.  Being their eldest child, I see to it that I fulfill their special needs and requirements. I look after their food, vitamins, maintenance medicines and other personal necessities.

Strenuous physical activities are lessened during the senior years as body movements are restricted, for as much as they wish to achieve something, the frailties of the human body often make it impossible. However, different pastime activities may be done to make their monotonous life more productive and enjoyable. My mom is engrossed to her Big Screen Solitaire gadget and she never forgets to bring it with her especially during long travels.

Other leisure activities like listening to their favorite songs and music of their era, watching tv and dvd movies, crocheting, cross-stitching, simple carpentry are just some of the hobbies my parents perform. To add up into their diversion, we gave them a computer to diminish their idle time. Browsing the internet made them busy; they have fun with their solitaire game and play internet bingo now online. Bingo is one of the old school card games that they really enjoy playing. They are very happy that there's no need for them to go to bingo halls just to attend the card session.  They also have build camaraderie with other players onsite. Online games are one of the best diversions for aging people for it can help promote better brain activity.  It is one of the entertainment activities that can be added up to their daily undertakings.

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