Cleaning 101: Rugs and Carpet Care

Rugs and carpets give liveliness and loveliness to any space. But these floor coverings are dirt magnets, so they need regular care and maintenance. Rugs and carpets differ in some ways, yet share the same purpose which is to provide accent and decoration on your floors.  Rugs are smaller in size and usually used as centerpiece flooring or foot rugs in the bedroom or used as corner rugs. It is also made in artistic and stylish pattern, color and shape in a variety of fabrics. While a carpet is used as floor covering and attached to the sub-floor.

Dusts and stains build up depends on the foot traffic, thus a standard cleaning is essential to keep it in good condition and to take away accumulated dirt to prevent odor and bacteria build up. 

There are two options you can consider to maintain its cleanliness and beauty.

First is to hire a professional to deep clean the rugs and carpets for you. Dirt and house pets can damage these floor accents over years of usage. The good news is you do not have to buy a replacement when they are slightly damaged or when they get tarnished because rug cosmetic is now offered by trusted rug and carpet care companies which not only offers cleaning but rug repair and restoration as well. You may click here for more info!

The second option is do-it-yourself cleaning. Just buy the cleaning solutions and supplies then carefully follow instruction labels before using to prevent any damage on your rugs. Here are tips on how to DIY clean your floor adornment.

  • For milk or other liquid spill out -  Whip up a mixture of detergent and water into a thick foam, if a carpet or rug solution is not available. Scoop up the foam with a sponge then wipe the carpet or rug with it. Use another clean damp sponge to wipe away the foam for a quick and easy clean up.
  • Vacuum carpets once or twice a week while the rugs can be taken outside, beat the dust off it then place it under the sun for two hours or so.
  • Rugs made of natural fibers collect less dirt than those made of synthetic fibers. A good shaking outside can clean it up.
  • Remove stains immediately. Spray stain remover, and then sweep the solution and its foam inwards using a plastic spoon. Dab the rest with a clean microfiber cloth or with a paper towel.

The second cleaning option however, is only suggested to maintain its cleanliness. In the long run deep seated dirt will be much harder to clean up.  Spare yourself the hassle of rug and carpet cleaning through the help of a professional cleaning service that can ensure deeper cleaning process to regain its beauty and fresh new look.


  1. Deep carpet cleaning. That's the word and that is why it is best to call on a professional to clean the carpet for us every once in a while to make sure all those dirt and germs will totally be rid of and deep carpet cleaning the way professionals do it is the only way. DIY cleaning is also good but not as good as professional cleaning.


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