Cleaning 101: Easy Hardwood Flooring Care

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So you just had hardwood flooring installed throughout your house. The beautiful natural luster of this stunning flooring option is sure to bring years of enjoyment, and a lifetime of beauty, but there are a few tips to take into consideration to take care of your new hardwood flooring. Many people are often confused as to the best practices to follow when cleaning their hardwood flooring. Below is our easy guide to caring for your brand new hardwood floors, or old hardwood floors alike.

  • Hardwood flooring looks best when clean. Dry mopping is perhaps the best way to keep your floors clean. Never use a cleaner on your hardwood flooring unless it was specifically mentioned by the flooring manufacturer or the professional installers who handled your flooring installation.

  • Never use water on your hardwood floor, as it can ruin the finish and damage the wood. Never use abrasive cleaners on your floor like steel wool. Wax is also never recommended for your floor and can cause permanent damage if used.

  • Area rugs are a great way to add some more beauty to your room, but also protect your new hardwood flooring. Area rugs not only add warmth and color, but they add a protective layer that can ensure your hardwood floors are protected. Consider placing them in all high traffic areas.

  • Humidity is hardwood’s enemy. Be sure to keep your room temperature controlled and consider using a dehumidifier in your home.

With a little TLC, your hardwood flooring can last for years to come. 


  1. hardwood flooring is good, it looks neat and so easy to clean or mop.

  2. I certainly agree with the tips you shared here in regards to maintaining that shine and beauty of a hardwood flooring..thanks.

  3. that looks so classy and elegant. very true, hardwood floors easily shows dirt, cleaning more oftentimes is very necessary, but still, alot easier to clean than carpet.

  4. I certainly prefer this kind of flooring and now I know how I can better take care of it if I do get a chance to have ours changed.

  5. We have hardwood all over except the kitchen and bathrooms and I can't be more pleased. It's so easy to maintain. With high humidity and very low humidity here (we have the extreme in temps) we both run dehumidifiers and humidifiers depending on the season.

  6. I agree, hardwood flooring needs tender loving care.

  7. That's true about the water in a hardwood floor. Imagine how my husband freaked out when our dog peed on our hardwood floor at the basement lol.

  8. nice tips!! all our bedrooms now have some wood type of thing flooring but not so sure what wood it is . same as we have in singapore. Great tips to follow. x0~

  9. i prefer tile floor. i think it is much easier to maintain and clean. But also love the wooden flooring it feels rustic.

  10. I love hardwood floors better than carpet but we have tiles all over our
    house here in Pinas. It's easier to clean and maintain.

  11. Great tips to note. We used to have hardwood floors back in the Philippines but maintenance is quite a daunting experience; let alone the cost of maintaining them. My mom switched to marble flooring instead.

    If I were to have my own house someday, I'd install hardwood flooring in the master bedroom and my daughter's so at least we won't have to worry about water spillage, pets accidentally peeing on them nor traffic flow. It'll be easy to put area rugs as well.

    Ria C

  12. that is a pretty wooden floor house Sis Joy :-) ours is carpeted and tiles except the backyard on the dock. The husband paint it once a year to keep the wood protected :-)


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