Cleaning 101: What Really Causes Clutter?

It is a fact that our habits leads clutter in our homes.  Let me cite you examples of these habits that we need to break in order for us to have a de-cluttered home.

Any of these sound familiar?

HABIT Being afraid to let go of items. We always thought of “I might need this someday” or “My kids might want this Someday” until it will came the time that we forgot all about it.
How to Deal:  In many cases, you can repurchase the item, if it’s truly needed.

HABIT Not stepping up to tasks.  Family members walk right by something left out on the counter or in one corner of the house, but unless someone takes the initiative to make sure it gets cleared, it’s unlikely to happen.
How to Deal:  Assign clear responsibilities, communicate with your kids and other members of the family and give consequences when they’re not accomplished.

HABIT Procrastination.  Delaying decisions about where to put things, or waiting to put them in proper places – this is the cause of all clutter!
How  to Deal:  Resist the urge of putting things somewhere there for the meantime.  Put it where it belonged to be kept or placed.

HABIT Buying too much Stuff.  This is the habit that I want to break.  I am an impulsive buyer.  Whenever we go shopping I buy things which I like/want but not sure of where to place it or when to use it.  Just like last month, when I went to Ace Hardware I found a spacious and tall dishwarmer, I bought it thinking of replacing my old dish warmer.  The end result, it does not fit the space where my old dish warmer stands.  It is now at the dirty kitchen L.
How to Deal:  Lesson learned, before buying things make sure to ask yourself carefully if it there is really a need to buy it, and measure the space first where you intend to put it.

We have to prepare ourselves to let go of some things not needed in our home. The most important thing is making the decision to de-clutter.  We only need to organize and classify things still needed and no longer needed.  Then we will know what to throw away J


  1. Between hubs and i, he's the pack rat and I'm the one that want to throw everything! LOL!

  2. wow looks like you are a good organizer too.

  3. Yay, it hit me big time, when I do house chores I always say hmmm I think I'm gonna need this someday then I tend to forget all about it. wahhh Hehehe visting you here.

  4. ahaha, Anne, it really happens. thanks for the visit, andkeep on coming back :)

  5. Hello Air, yes, i am but not at all times hihi

  6. same here sis Willa, ang sakit sa mata ng garahe namin, pati part replacements ng vehicle na di na magagamit, ayaw pa ipatapon ni hubby waaa, ang kalat nakukunsumi ako ahaha

  7. Ay, totoo talaga yan... guilty ako sa number one na lusot. Kuripot kasi, that's why I'm always thinking, I might need this, I might need that, sayang itapon, pwede pa tong i-remodel, etc, blah, blah, blah... And minsan, andyan din ang you know what to do (itapon ang junk), but the problem is actually doing it.

  8. guilty!but ever since i had a baby, i wanted to keep things neat + clean so i am slowly learning to throw away stuffs that i don't really need, clean clutter as i go about the house + to not buy that i don't really need...

  9. hays same problem with the hubs, gagalit pa when I tried to throw or sell the junks, kanya dw yun, then pag me nakita pa sa ibang bahay na itatapon na gamit, kukunin bka dw maayos pa, susmarya.. but when I do general cleaning ay tapon lahat yan,lalo na pag inabot na ng taon sa taguan d na sya makakaporma, hehehe. sayang sis d ka nakaattend ng EB, sana next time sched mo. :D

  10. ahihi, my mom is also ganyan, end result punong puno ang aparador nya ng mga damit nya ahaha

  11. with me ang dami ko na itinapon or ipinamigay, pero nag aaccumulate na naman ang kalat ahaha

  12. ahaha same with my husband, mukha kaming me junk shop sa garahe nya lol

    oo nga sis, yun next eb natin nov. 22, birthday ni husband, sana pumayag sya kahit sumaglit lang kami hihi


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