5 Ways to choose Office Desk Dividers that Create a Modern Workspace

If you work in an open office, you know how important it is to have privacy. This can be especially true if your desk is in a corner or on the periphery of the room. For some people, a cubicle isn't an option and they must make do with a dividing wall or glass partition between them and their colleagues. If this is your situation or if you'd like to create one, it's important to consider how office desk dividers will affect your day-to-day activities at work. 

If you're considering purchasing new office desk dividers for your workspace but aren't sure where to start, keep reading! We'll show you some different options that may inspire you when deciding what kind of divider works best for your space:

Choose a style that suits your workspace

As you consider all the styles and materials available for office dividers, it's important to keep in mind what your workplace needs are. Are you looking for privacy? Will people be passing by frequently? Do you have enough space? What about budget—what kind of investment are you comfortable with making?

These are the questions to ask yourself as you consider which option is best for your workspace. A simple way to narrow down the field is by keeping these four considerations in mind: style, needs, budget and personality.

Select Office Desk Dividers that Make a Statement

The form of your office desk divider can also make a statement. For instance, you could choose one that is a simple graphic or shape. That will allow you to show off your creativity and have fun with the design without worrying about whether it fits into any specific categories. You can also create a more complex collage of different designs, colors, and materials to make an impact and complement the design of the room and create something that everyone remembers.

You may also want to consider using an abstract image as a form instead of going with something literal like your company logo if you want something more subtle but no less effective. People will still recognize what it means but won't be distracted by how much time it took for them to figure out what exactly they are looking at!

office desk dividers

Choose Colors that Inspire

Office desk dividers don't have to look boring. Colors are a powerful tool in creating a workspace that inspires creativity, helps you make a statement and sets the tone of your environment.

To help with branding, use colors that match your logo or brand identity.

Think about how to best use color in your workspace, such as:
  • making sure they complement each other
  • placing them in areas where there's lots of people movement (for example near photocopiers)
  • choosing shades that work well together (for example yellow and green)

Select desk dividers that can open for collaboration and close for privacy

When choosing a desk divider, it is important to note that there are many different types of dividers that can create an open workspace. One of the most popular ways to use dividers is by using pocket doors. Pocket doors are typically made up of two panels that swing into one another and then lock into place by a latch or magnet when fully closed. Sliding doors can also be used as a type of door for creating an open space in the office where employees will collaborate with each other. Sliding doors tend to be lighter than pocket doors because they do not have any latches or locks keeping them shut once they are opened.

Another option for creating an open workspace is by using folding partitions or accordion partitions instead of having permanent walls between workstations or cubicles in your office layout design plan this could help keep costs down due to needing less labor time during construction phase but also helps maintain privacy at times when needed such as lunch breaks.

Consider flexible desk dividers

If you're a person who likes to move their office around, flexible dividers could be a good option. These types of dividers can be adjusted depending on where you want your workspace to go and how much space you need to divide off. They are also good for people who spend a lot of time in different parts of the room, or who prefer privacy screens over permanent walls.

Office desk dividers can be a great choice for creating a modern workspace. They're affordable, versatile and easy to install on your own.


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